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alamoudi internet freedom manifesto
digital freedom manifesto

Internet has revolutionized every aspect of our lives, has transformed industries, and has democratized access to information for billions of people. Mobile Internet has been more impactful globally than originally predicted and has become indispensable for conducting business and everyday life.

alamoudi internet freedom manifesto
mimik's Decentralized Cloud Platform Unleashes the Power of Edge Devices

Now generally available, mimik’s platform and edgeSDK re-invent cloud client/server model for improved performance and control

On November 8, 2018, mimik technology inc., announced its vision for a new decentralized cloud with the public launch of its edge cloud platform and edge Software Developer Kit (edgeSDK) after intensive private proof-of-concept testing with customers in key vertical markets.

alamoudi internet freedom manifesto
Cloud Decentralization & the Trustless Revolution

What trends drive the need for cloud decentralization? What is the mimik technology platform? How does mimik relate to the consensus-based trustless transactional revolution? What is the mimik exchange?

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