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future of Automotive

The adoption of digital technologies within the automotive industry is rapidly accelerating. This trend is giving rise to new cloud-native software-based systems designed to facilitate increased levels of connectivity and automation. With the integration of AI, machine learning, and edge cloud computing, the automotive industry is ushering in the next generation of software-defined vehicles (SDVs).
Given the current lack of standardization, the optimal direction for SDVs involves adopting a uniform, modern architecture that prioritizes safety, security, and privacy. This architecture allows workloads to seamlessly operate on any computing node, irrespective of hardware, operating system, or connectivity.


automotive challenge


SDV faces significant hurdles due to reliance on cloud connectivity, which may not be universally available, compounded by a variety of incompatible hardware and operating systems.
automotive solution


Enabling a vehicle-first approach, mimik minimizes cloud dependence while maximizing offline functionality and integrating compute silos within and outside the vehicle. Our edgeEngine allows smart devices to serve as cloud servers as needed, facilitating microservice-level communication across vehicle components, microcontrollers, and applications, with the option to utilize cloud resources when available.

make smart cars intelligent

Agile Multi-Cloud control

  • Support multi-cloud and prevent vendor lock-in
  • Provide system-level flexibility, control, and visibility over every element
  • Enable cloud native software agility that can runs on any computing resource

Unified Vehicle Computing

  • Connect all compute silos within the car
  • Connect cars to all smart devices
  • Connect cars to the smart city infrastructure

Maximally Lean & Green

  • Reduce cloud hosting costs

  • Reduce operational and maintenance costs of software stack

  • Reduce carbon footprint compared to centralized solutions

Instant AI Insight with Resilience

  • Enable real-time context for fast decisions

  • Reduce cloud latency for almost all use cases

  • Increase resiliency and reliability

  • Enable offline functions and features

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