Oakland, CA, December 13, 2023 — Mimik, a pioneer in hybrid edge cloud (HEC) is supporting Marelli, a leading mobility technology supplier to the automotive sector, with its transformative software-defined vehicle (SDV) offering. Set to debut at CES 2024, the solution is poised to redefine the future of mobility for OEMs, third-party developers and consumers.

For the Manufacturers (OEMs): Marelli’s new centralized architecture, combined with mimik’s edgeEngine, a service abstraction runtime environment, enables OEMs to effortlessly port their applications through a standard microservice architecture to any hardware and operating systems, ensuring maximum independence from specific Cloud providers and constant wide area connectivity. This solution ensures rapid market delivery, significantly simplifies integration, promotes interoperability, software reusability, and most importantly, the ability to update one service at a time as a container vs. entire monolithic applications. It guarantees a consistent and superior experience across vehicle types. It provides a unified software architecture between the cloud, in-vehicle software systems, end-users devices, and outside digital infrastructure to interact with the vehicle.

For the Everyday Driver (Consumers): OEM adoption of the joint Marelli and mimik solution initiates a second to none seamless user experience. This solution enables hyper-personalization tailored to individual user preferences, specific vehicle models, regional nuances, and various modes of transport, ensuring a universally intuitive interface.

For the Innovators (Third-party Developers): Cloud-native microservice developers can now apply their expertise in standard API-first microservice development to in-vehicle software systems that are not constrained by the underlying zonal architecture. This opens opportunities to significantly expand the automotive developer community to deliver new experiences for consumers, enhance the operation of the vehicle, and foster interaction with the digital ecosystem surrounding the vehicle.

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Industry professionals, partners, and automotive enthusiasts are invited to connect with us at CES 2024. Discover how this technology is reshaping the future of mobility and explore potential collaboration opportunities. Set up a meeting with our experts to dive deeper into the possibilities.

About mimik:

mimik stands at the forefront of the future of cloud computing, strategically positioned as an indispensable provider of the hybrid edge cloud (HEC) development platform. As industries pivot towards comprehensive digital transformation, our platform is an essential catalyst, streamlining time to market, optimizing cost efficiency, and ensuring scalability, interoperability, data privacy, and security. Crucially, in the era of AI and autonomous operations, empowering all computing devices with server capability becomes imperative, and mimik’s platform is uniquely designed to meet this demand. Supporting a vast spectrum of operating systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, QNX, Android Auto, Raspbian, and OpenWRT, as well as smart IoT freeRTOS sensors, our platform seamlessly integrates with both private and public clouds, embodying the vision of next-generation cloud infrastructure. Embracing mimik not only enables businesses to establish direct, efficient connections across smart devices but also ushers in a paradigm shift in operational efficiency while substantially cutting backend integration expenses. The future of computing is here, and it’s powered by mimik.

To learn more, visit mimik.com, and for developers developer.mimik.com.

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