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mimik enable us
to bring the cloud
to the edge
Business & Decision
Part of Orange Group
how to address
safety and security for
software-defined vehicles
mimik and Tata Elxsi
to deliver intelligent solutions
that leverage the power of 5G
& hybrid edge cloud
mimik edgeEngine,
the essential bridge to the
Open Horizon solution
what is hybrid edgeCloud
and why will it change the way we develop apps?
mimik is expanding

mimik closes $14.3 million USD

extended series A funding round

run up to 10,000 times faster
with mimik

mimik joins LF Edge community

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developing or modernizing apps?

reduce your costs and pain through a disruptively unique approach

optimized privacy

process sensitive data on smarts devices and minimize data in-flight

optimized costs

offload to smart devices to reduce hosting and bandwidth costs.

optimized latencies

localize for shortest paths between smart devices and data centers.

rapid app development

familiar APIs, development  framework and languages. and fully compatible with container and orchestration tools.

optimized carbon footprint

cut data transfer up to 90% and improve system-level efficiency

wonder how to create the next generation of apps?

find out how mimik manages global functions in central cloud while offloading most of the processing workloads to smart devices and IoT devices.

a novel systemic approach to digital transformation

address challenges with bandwidth, security,  latency or ballooning cloud hosting costs