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meet our clients

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The aptly named mimik technology may just have come up with the final piece of the edge computing jigsaw – how you make it work right out there in the dark and dirty world of billions of IoT sensors and controllers in order to seamlessly make both good sense and very effective use of the tsunami of data coming the way of every business.
Joe Pearson

TSC Chair, Open Horizon, LF Edge

Evaristus Mainsah


mimik provides a lot of value to the automotive space. Our clients are automotive OEMS who benefit from mimik edge cloud platform for a variety of use cases from infotainment to V2V and V2X use cases. they can also benefit from leveraging mimik’s expertise in hybrid edge cloud architecture design and development to significantly reduce their reliance on central cloud and create a digital experience that would not be feasible with the central cloud.
Sunil Kaul


We have already referred mimik to several clients and partners. We referred them because mimik would solve several cloud challenges and enables new use cases and business opportunities for our clients. Using mimik’s edgeEngine for our app development, not only we have saved a lot on the hosting cost but also have decreased our time of development going across various platforms, and lowered latency and provided better user experience for the consumers.
Hooman Fakki

H2 Wellness

“AWS customers look to our APN partners to support them with scale, elasticity, availability, and security for deployment and management of devices at the edge. As an APN technology partner, mimik has proven capabilities to help customers reduce the burden of undifferentiated lifting in managing devices at-the-edge, helping implement edge-enabled applications faster using the edgeEngine. “
Eric Gales
Country Manager, AWS Canada, Inc.
“We are very excited to have mimik join the 5G open innovation lab. As the pioneers in hybrid edge cloud technology and a team made up of world-renown innovators, they can contribute significantly to the future success of 5G and enabling new applications for the hyper-connected world,”
Jim Brisimitzis
Managing Partner, 5G Open Innovation Lab
“Co-locating data in one place is prone to privacy and security risk. Flybits has a strong patent portfolio on privacy preserved data processing and we are pleased to find a partner who has built a unique technology that can augment our confidential computing capabilities. Such capabilities will empower bank customers to choose how they share their data and for what purpose. Our partnership with mimik will introduce a new paradigm, creating an architectural blueprint of trust-based personalization using a cutting-edge technology that has never been used in the financial sector.”
Hossein Rahnama
Founder and CEO, Flybits

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