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mimik cloud

mimik enables all computing devices to act as cloud servers to create a larger and faster cloud with optimal data privacy and lower cloud hosting costs

mimik and digital freedom

We are in the midst of a transition from mobile internet to hyper-connected internet. The central cloud architecture, where only computing resources in data centres are used as servers and all other computing devices act as clients, will not scale to meet the future demands of enterprises and application developers. mimik has created a platform to enable existing computing devices to act as cloud servers and create an edge cloud that is orders of magnitude larger, faster, with optimal data privacy and significantly lower cloud hosting costs for most applications and industry verticals.

mimik edgeSDK is a pragmatic solution that provides a lightweight container environment for deploying microservices and enabling devices to act as cloud servers along with the communications platform for these devices to form clusters and collaborate.

Our approach does not require the creation of any new network nodes with dedicated hardware. Instead, we enable existing computing devices such as PCs, tablets, mobile phones, set-top-boxes, or home routers to act as server nodes at the edge of the network and form a new hybrid cloud.

mimik’s platform does not require any changes to the low-level design of these devices. All that is required is an application integrated with mimik’s edgeSDK that runs on top of existing operating systems without any changes to the hardware or OS Kernel of the device.

mimik’s platform provides discovery and direct peer to peer communication at the edge, reducing data transfers to the central cloud and providing enterprises and consumers much better control over their data and minimizing the transfer of data and control of data by third parties.

mimik platform enables a much more environmentally friendly cloud with lower energy costs and reduced carbon foot print.

mimik technology is a distributed computing platform connecting our digital world in a new way and moving us closer to a world where digital freedom is a reality for everyone.