API World 2023– Meet mimik CTO Michel Burger

Michel Burger API World 2023
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Start Date: 25/10/2023
End Date: 02/11/2023


Santa Clara, CA

In today’s technology-driven world, the need for more efficient and robust microservice architectures has become increasingly apparent. Edge computing, an innovative approach that enables data processing at the source of data generation, presents a promising solution to addressing this need.

However, edge-first approach influences new design patterns in microservice solutions by shifting the focus from centralized gateways to decentralized, edge-based gateways. This new approach focuses on decentralization, improved performance, enhanced security, scalability, resilience, and context-aware processing.

In this presentation, I will explore the world of microservice architectures and edge computing and drawing from my extensive experience in developing distributed technology, I will discuss the primary benefits and challenges of this cutting-edge approach, which is transforming the landscape of software development as we know it.

Despite these challenges, the benefits of edge computing should encourage developers to explore innovative ways to harness its power and create more efficient and robust microservice architectures. By leveraging the advantages of edge computing, developers can create architectures that offer improved performance, enhanced security, and greater adaptability, ultimately driving the future of digital innovation.

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