In today’s business environment, particularly in the tech industry, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the warp-speed pace of day-to-day activity. When we’re all flat out developing products, building partnerships, winning customers, securing funding, we can sometimes forget to celebrate what really fuels our success: our culture.

At mimik, we are very proud of our culture—it is what makes us unique in a sea of sameness. It makes us human in what can be an impersonal business.

mimik values and promotes diversity and inclusivity. We rely on science, facts, and actualities, and reject dogma, disinformation, and politicization. We are passionate supporters of freedom and equality for all of humanity. We embrace kindness and compassion in all that we do. We are committed to creating a sustainable and equitable digital ecosystem.

We celebrate our culture—these values that give us purpose—every single day.

But we wanted to do more—we wanted to also honor our mimik family, to recognize their many contributions and achievements that make mimik the amazing place it is today. So, we created mimik day, a company holiday that will be held every year, on the third Friday in March.

The inspiration for mimik day comes from two extraordinary women whose commitment, sacrifices, and love have been so important to mimik’s growth and success.

Sam Armani, our senior vice president of business development, has been here from the beginning. She has worn many hats at mimik, including acting CEO, always working selflessly to do whatever is best for the company, putting the mimik family before her own interests.

Cecilia Lai, our director of finance, joined mimik in 2015. She, too, has many unofficial roles at the company and her nurturing and caring nature has made her the “mom” of the entire mimik family. We dedicate mimik day to Sam and Cecilia.

We welcome everyone to join us in mimik day—take the time to celebrate your culture, your people.

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