Integration of mimik platform will support virtualized networks and application enablement

Vancouver, Canada, November 8, 2018 —mimik technology inc. today announced it has joined LimeNet, Lime Microsystems’ ecosystem of hardware and software providers developing software-defined radio solutions for next generation wireless broadband systems. mimik offers LimeNet member developers its edge cloud platform and edgeEngine enabling them to turn any computing device into a cloud server.

Lime, a leading supplier of Field Programmable RF transceivers, Software-Defined Radio (SDR) platforms and network-in-a-box solutions for the next generation of wireless broadband systems, will also integrate the mimik edge cloud platform and edgeEngine into the company’s software-defined radio products. These will include LimeNET product lines for a complete application-enabled, network-in-a-box solution.

“We’re pleased to welcome mimik technology to the LimeNet community to support our mission in creating new radio access network technology for greater flexibility and lower development costs. Lime has decentralized radio access networks—creating base stations at the edge of the network—and it is crucial to have a partner that does the same for cloud. We found that partner in mimik,” said Ebrahim Bushehri, CEO, Lime Microsystems. “As we increase bandwidth and lower latency on the radio side for 5G, it is important to ensure that this effort is not compromised due to the limitations of the cloud infrastructure. As such, we are creating an end-to-end solution with a minimum amount of backhaul bandwidth requirements. mimik’s edge cloud platform keeps communication local and minimizes backhaul bandwidth usage making it ideal for rural small cell deployments.”

The LimeNet ecosystem focuses on the evolution of radio access networks (RAN) and provides the hardware and software building blocks for applications running on converged network technologies including cellular networks, Internet of Things (IoT) and media streaming.

“We’re pleased to work with Lime Microsystems to extend the benefits of mimik’s proven technology to support next generation wireless broadband solutions,” said Siavash Alamouti, CEO of mimik technology inc. “mimik’s decentralized cloud platform will lower latency and cloud hosting costs for developers while improving data privacy for cloud-based applications. Using our edge cloud technology, we reduce backhaul needs and can potentially provide cost efficient coverage in areas with little existing backhaul infrastructure. We see great synergy with Lime’s mission to democratize cellular and wireless connectivity by leveraging the power of edge devices, and expect even greater cooperation between the two organizations going forward.”

Lime is driving wireless innovation with software configurable radio networks which support the decoupling of hardware, software and third party applications using general purpose platforms. Its premise aligns with and supports mimik’s commitment to decentralize the cloud.

About Lime Microsystems

Lime Microsystems is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of field programmable RF transceivers. The company’s software configurable chips can run any mobile standard and any mobile frequency and have been used in a vast array of systems including mobile base stations and small cells, SDR platforms, indoor navigation and machine-to-machine communication systems.

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