Vancouver, B.C. and Orlando, FL, February 11, 2016—CableLabs Innovation Showcase has named mimik the winner of the ‘most innovative product’ award at this year’s CableLabs Winter Conference held in Orlando, Florida.

During the February 9 – 12 event, mimik showed how its software platform turns every digital device into a micro-cloud server with super-node capability. The software has a small memory footprint and can be ported on any computing device including cable set-top-boxes (STBs) to provide mimik’s advanced features. Every device with mimik application (smartphones, PCs, tablets, game consoles, NAS devices, etc.) becomes a micro-server that can quickly and seamlessly create a virtual cloud. This enables fast, secure, and personalized cross-device sharing, access, and control of any digital content, including sensor and IoT devices.

“We are thrilled to have been chosen by CableLabs from hundreds of applicants to showcase the mimik software platform, and proud to have been voted by the cable industry professionals as the most innovative technology. Our platform is the result of many years of R&D and empowers consumers to take control of their digital assets as well as access and share content in a new way. This is what we call digital freedom,” says Siavash Alamouti, President & CEO of mimik.

About mimik

mimik has pioneered a distributed micro-cloud, micro-service technology. The company has collaborated with major global service providers, device OEMs, and IP vendors. Available in the App Store, this month the company launched its first consumer branded product called “mimik access”. This app makes it easy to instantly access and share digital content across devices and platforms. mimik’s technology is a patented, transformative edge-based micro-cloud technology.

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Phil Belanger, Chief Marketing Officer


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