The end-to-end software platform simplifies consumers’ digital lives by making their devices extensions of one another

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, September 10th 2014 – mimik technology announced today that it is showcasing its cutting-edge mimik.360™ platform and exciting new concepts for 2015, during IBC2014 in Amsterdam.

mimik technology provides new personalized multi-screen and cross platform services that creates a tailor-made experience for consumers, and new revenue streams for service providers. Through mimik’s innovative 360 solution, multiple users can simultaneously access their TV and other media anytime, anywhere, and on any connected device.

President and CEO, Siavash Alamouti, states, “We are very excited to be at IBC2014 to introduce mimik technology— an important innovation and step toward digital freedom for consumers.”

mimik technology is an end-to-end software platform that simplifies consumers’ digital lives by making their devices and services extensions of one another with ubiquitous and intuitive personalized access. It is comprised of three main components:

mimik.MXP™ – core middleware containing an array of adaptable building blocks
mimik.UX™ – unified apps and user interfaces for portable devices and TV screens
mimik.CLD™ – online management tools and services on mimik cloud servers
mimik’s patented technology enables service providers to cost-effectively deliver personalized services such as media entertainment, TV, and communications to any connected device or screen, connected from anywhere around the world. mimik.360 introduces a flexible liquid cloud architecture that allows its solutions to be ported onto a combination of cloud servers, set-top boxes, gateways, or even USB dongles without costly infrastructure build outs.

“Our team has developed a state-of-the-art system that provides seamless access to any digital content or service on any device or screen. Integrating content management with networking produces an unparalleled user experience”, said Alamouti. “Our mission is to liberate consumers from the fragmented world of networks, OS, devices, TV subscriptions, monitoring and home automation systems, etc. and to empower them to control everything centrally and intuitively. We are committed to providing a multi-screen and cross platform solution that creates a tailor-made experience for the consumer”, he added.

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