Developer Community Lead

Job Description:

Help build the developer community using mimik’s edge cloud platform.

We have developed a powerful edge cloud platform for third party developers. We want to actively engage them to ensure that they understand the platform and its potentials and incorporate their feedback and requirements in our product roadmap. We would like mimik to become a core part of their development platform and are looking for a technology evangelist that would share this passion with the world.

As a Developer Community Lead, you will be responsible for creating the community through blog posts, social media interactions and creating open source projects using mimik edgeSDK on Github. You will also be involved in customer/partner calls to understand their requirements as third-party developers and lead onboarding their developers to the community. You will also take feedback from the community and ensure that the needs of the developers are being considered in our product roadmap and that immediate concerns are addressed by the product team. Your work will help us strengthen both the businesses and the number of developers to use mimik edgesdk in their products.  You must lead creation and packaging of series of tools and the “how to” collaterals for mimik edgeSDK that will be used by the third-party developers to build new applications. You must be comfortable with using edgeSDK to build sample codes and prototypes yourself. A successful candidate will have strong technical ability, excellent communication skills, great charisma and gravitas that shows to other developers, along with great project management skills.


  • Creating a developer community for mimik technology
  • Collect and create developer tools and framework required by the 3rd party developers to utilize mimik edgeSDK for their development
  • lead design and implement strategies for community growth
  • Target and engage with universities and incubators to promote mimik edgeSDK and create collaborative projects with using the mimik edgeSDK
  • Gather requirements and lead development of mimik developer portal
  • Create online presence to engage with the developer community including forums, Stack Overflow, Github, and social media
  • Work closely with the VP marketing for the social network engagement
  • Measure community engagement and the impact of the community to the business
  • Coordinate events, meetups and conferences that represent opportunities to bring the developer community together.
  • Build relationships and execute campaigns alongside our industry and corporate partners.
  • Networks with community members and identifies community champions
  • Communicates and promotes new community features or procedures to members and staff
  • Works behind the scenes to ensure engagement
  • Develops and maintains community training resources, guidelines, and policies
  • Enjoys building strong relationships
  • You’re enthusiastic, friendly and an excellent communicator
  • Demonstrates excellent customer service and communication skills


  • Must have software development background with passion for new technologies
  • Must be willing to rollup sleeves and develop sample codes for the developer community by learning how to develop sample code for mimik using Javascript/nodejs
  • Must be willing to learn about kubernetes, Docker and CoreOS and tools they use for the container orchestration and put together similar tools for mimik .
  • Must be familiar with REST API and testing the API(s) using tools like Postman or RestSharp,
  • Must be familiar serverless and microservice software architecture concept and model
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Experience participating in and moderating online communities composed of developers
  • Recommends and implements community features as appropriate
  • Comfortable collecting and using data to inform decisions
  • Experience writing customer-facing communications with a penchant for detail and friendliness
  • Experience writing technical content or explaining technical concepts in blog posts, forums, emails, or other channels.
  • Drive software development process toward quality-centric methodologies and report on test progress, metrics, issues, and risks.

How to Apply

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Job Category: Management
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Remote

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