Edge computing startup mimik wants to decentralize the cloud

Posted on SiliconANGLE, November 8, 2018, by Mike Wheatley

Startup mimik technology Inc. aims to help developers and enterprises offload some of their cloud computing workloads to the “network edge.”

So today, the Vancouver-based company is launching a new edge cloud platform and software development kit that it said can be used to create “smarter, more responsive applications” that effectively transform devices such as smartphones into “cloud servers.” The idea is that companies can tap into these devices and leverage their computing power at the network edge, lessening their dependence on traditional cloud computing.

Developers can use mimik’s edgeSDK to create lightweight container environments on devices including personal computers, tablets, smartphones, home routers and settop boxes, and then run microservices atop them. Container environments are used by developers to isolate their apps so they can run on any kind of platform, while microservices are the components used to build those apps.

In a nutshell, mimik’s platform and SDK can be used to build applications that run directly on edge devices such as smartphones, instead of a regular computer server hosted in the public cloud.

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