mimik cloud decentralization

mimik empowers ordinary computing devices to act as cloud servers: expanding the cloud to the edge to create a faster cloud with enhanced user privacy.

mimik cloud

Install, load, start and stop microservices.

Turn any device into a cloud server.

Discover, connect and communicate with edge nodes.

Decentralize the Cloud.

Central cloud will not scale.

Connected smart devices are growing explosively and generating massive amounts of data at an accelerating pace.

There is not enough Internet bandwidth or computing resources in centralized data centers to process all of this new data coming from the edge. We need a new architecture for applications that changes this fixed hierarchical client/server model.

We need to build a decentralized cloud where billions of devices at the edge can participate as either clients or servers, and communicate directly with one another.

mimik extends the cloud to the edge.

mimik’s distributed cloud platform enables developers to create applications that turn ordinary computing devices into cloud servers. mimik enabled nodes automatically form clusters and may communicate within or across clusters.

mimik for developers

mimik edgeSDK turns any device into a cloud server.

mimik edgeSDK

mimik edgeSDK provides a lightweight container environment for deploying microservices. Load, start, and deploy microservices on ordinary computing devices. mimik edgeSDK is available for many different hardware platforms and operating systems including iOS and Android.

mimik provides discovery, authentication and communication services for edgeSDK nodes.

mimik edgesdk

mimik platform is a comprehensive, scalable communications system built on fundamental principles from the telecom world. The communications services support local peer-to-peer communications and are independent of the underlying physical networks.