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Develop your applications faster and with lower cost of cloud while improving performance, privacy and security.

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B.C. contact-tracing app tackles Canadians’ privacy concerns

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes the argument for Canada to adopt a single app for contact tracing, a B.C. company is touting its app’s ability to tackle privacy concerns.
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Customer Analytics or Data Robbery?

Personal data is not only a personal asset that needs to be kept private for our protection from abuse but also a valuable commodity and potential source of income.
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mimik improves H2 Wellness’s profit margins with hybrid edgeCloud

H2 Wellness integrated some components of the mimik platform into its latest client development project for ProLon®, the fasting mimicking 5-day program that nourishes the body…
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The emergence of hybrid edgeCloud computing

Acting as servers when feasible, edge devices can perform many of the functions of the servers in central cloud. This creates a hybrid edgeCloud that is significantly more powerful than the centralized cloud.
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What can you do with edgeCloud Engine

edgeCloud platform

Serverless Microservices Development

  • Host serverless microservices on any computing device
  • Enable seamless microservice to microservice communications
  • Leverage existing edge serverless microservices to accelerate development
  • Decompose your frontend apps into serverless microservices

Devices and APP Communication

  • Build and deploy cross-domain apps
  • Enable direct app to app communications
  • Simplify software deployment and maintenance of your enterprise and consumer frontend apps
edgeCloud platform
edgeCloud computing platform

Edge Solutions

  • Leverage edge-optimised SaaS solutions 
  • Improve security through system-wide service to service approach
  • Expand mesh services to the edge

Benefits of mimik hybrid edgeCloud platform

value proposition edgesdk

zero risk edgeCloud transition through a hybrid architecture