Edge sdk and edge backend

mimik cloud decentralization

mimik enables all computing devices to act as cloud servers to create a larger, cheaper, and faster cloud with better data privacy.

mimik cloud

Time for a new cloud.

Connected smart devices are growing explosively and generating massive amounts of data at an accelerating pace.

There is not enough Internet bandwidth or computing resources in centralized data centers to process this new data coming from the edge. We need a new architecture for applications that changes the fixed, hierarchical client/server model.

We need to build a larger, faster cloud where billions of devices at the edge can participate as either clients or servers, and provide services directly for one another.

mimik’s edge cloud platform expands the fixed, hierarchical client/server model and allows applications to access cloud services from edge nodes or central cloud servers, whichever is most efficient.

We need the edge cloud.

mimik for developers

edge cloud: the next cloud infrastructure

mimik edgeSDK

The edge cloud is an extension of central cloud with edge devices acting as cloud servers. Edge cloud servers may include new device types: routers, gateways, mobile devices, or game consoles. Edge cloud enabled applications are able to access “backend” services on local edge servers or servers in central cloud data centers. 

mimik edgeSDK provides a lightweight container environment for deploying microservices and turning devices into cloud servers.

edge cloud benefits

mimik edgesdk

  • edge cloud scales
    grows as new devices join
  • edge cloud is faster
    local communications, lower latency
  • edge cloud is cheaper
    reduced cloud hosting cost
  • edge cloud is more open
    no cloud hosting vendor lock-in
  • edge cloud has better privacy
    sensitive information kept local

Add cloud server capability to any computing device.

Reduce cloud hosting cost for your applications.

Create the edge cloud with mimik!