Edge computing leaders from State of the Edge and Edge Computing World announce the Second Annual Edge Woman of the Year Award 2020 top ten finalists. The Edge Woman of the Year 2020 nominees represent industry leaders in roles that are impacting the direction of their organization’s strategy, technology or communications around edge computing, edge software, edge infrastructure or edge systems. The “Top Ten Women in Edge” finalists are selected from nominations and submissions submitted by experts in edge from around the world. The final winner will be chosen by a panel of industry judges, including the previous Edge Woman of the Year winner, Farah Papaioannou. The winner of the Edge Woman of the Year 2020 will be announced during this year’s Edge Computing World, being held virtually October 12-15, 2020.

“I was honored to have been chosen as Edge Woman of the Year 2019 and to be recognized alongside many inspiring and innovative women across the industry,” said Farah Papaioannou, Co-Founder and President of Edgeworx, Inc. “I am thrilled to pay that recognition forward and participate in announcing this year’s Edge Woman of the Year 2020 finalist categories; together we have a lot to accomplish.”

The Edge Woman of the Year Award represents a long-term industry commitment to highlight the growing importance of the contributions and accomplishments made by women in edge computing. The award is presented at the annual Edge Computing World event which gathers the whole edge computing ecosystem, from network to cloud and application to infrastructure end-users and developers while also sharing edge best practices.

The annual Edge Woman of the Year Award is presented to outstanding female and non-binary professionals in edge computing for outstanding performance in their roles elevating Edge. The 2020 award committee selected the following 10 finalists for their excellent work in the named categories:

  • Leadership in Edge Industry and Technology
    – Fay Arjomandi, Founder, President at mimik technology, Inc.
  • Leadership in Edge Startups
    – Kathy Do, VP, Finance and Operations at MemVerge
  • Leadership in Edge Open Source Contributions
    – Malini Bhandaru, Open Source Lead for IoT & Edge at VMware
  • Leadership in Edge at a Large Organization
    – Jenn Didoni, Head of Cloud Portfolio at Vodafone Group Business
  • Leadership in Edge Security
    – Ramya Ravichandar, VP of Product Management at FogHorn
  • Leadership in Edge Innovation and Research
    – Kathleen Kallot, Director, AI Ecosystem at arm
  • Leadership in Edge Best Practices
    – Nurit Sprecher, Head of Management & Virtualization Standards, Nokia
  • Leadership in Edge Infrastructure
    – Meredith Schuler, Financial & Strategic Operations Manager
  • Overall Edge Industry Leadership
    – Nancy Shemwell, Chief Operating Officer at Trilogy Networks, Inc.
  • Leadership in Executing Edge Strategy
    – Angie McMillin, Vice President and General Manager, IT Systems, Vertiv

“The edge computing industry in 2020 continues to grow rapidly. Once again, we had an impressive group of nominees representing a broad cross-section of the many women leaders in edge,” said Candice Digby, a representative of State of the Edge and co-founder of the award. “The Edge Woman of the Year award highlights the impact these women continue to make across the industry and we hope to draw attention to their advancements and encourage more women to pursue careers in edge.”

“All the submissions were incredibly impressive and the list of Edge Woman of the Year finalists represents a group of women taking the reins of leadership across the edge computing ecosystem,” said Gavin Whitechurch of Topio Networks and Edge Computing World, “As the edge industry continues to grow, we want to highlight the female innovators leading the edge computing revolution, working hard to achieve new ground for the industry as a whole.”

For more information on the Women in Edge Award visit: http://www.edgecomputingworld.com/edgewomanoftheyear.

About State of the Edge

The State of Edge (http://stateoftheedge.com) is a member-supported research organization that produces free reports on edge computing and was the original creator of the Open Glossary of Edge Computing, which was donated to The Linux Foundation’s LF Edge. The State of the Edge welcomes additional participants, contributors and supporters. If you have an interest in participating in upcoming reports or submitting a guest post to the State of the Edge Blog, feel free to reach out by emailing info@stateoftheedge.com.

About Edge Computing World

Edge Computing World is the only industry event that brings together the entire edge ecosystem. The industry event will present a diverse range of high growth application areas – including AI, IoT, NFV, Augmented Reality, video, cloud gaming & self-driving vehicles – are creating new demands that cannot be met by existing infrastructure. The theme will cover edge as a new solution required to deal with low latency, application autonomy, data security and bandwidth thinning, which all require greater capability closer to the point of consumption.

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