mimik products

mimik’s core product is the edgeSDK, a software development kit that enables developers to add server capability to computing devices. edgeSDK provides a lightweight container environment to run microservices on edge devices.  

Edge devices could be almost any smart device: PCs, tablets, smart TVs, mobile phones, game consoles, gateways, routers and more. Edge devices are typically at the edge of the network. Most edge devices run applications that perform client functions. edgeSDK enables developers to add server capability to their applications.

Applications with edgeSDK automatically form clusters and create an edge cloud. edgeSDK enabled applications can run their backend microservices anywhere - on traditional cloud servers in data centers or on edgeSDK enabled edge devices.

edgeSDK is available as a free download. Developers are charged only when their application is used. Developers pay up to 5 cents per active edgeSDK application, per device, per month. Discounts are available for high volume applications or pre-purchased blocks of activations. Contact for more information.

mimik edge sdk products

edgeSDK concepts

mimik containers


Expose the computing capabilities of edge devices through mimik's lightweight containers.

  • Runtime environment for microservices
  • Easy integration into existing apps through RESTful APIs
  • Load, start, and stop microservice instances
  • Container environment available for Android, iOS and Raspian as well as desktop operating systems

mimik developers microservices


Develop microservices in JavaScript using a serverless architecture.

  • Deploy microservices on edge devices and manage them remotely.
  • API Gateway is included within edgeSDK.
  • Discover and connect to microservices available on other nodes that have edgeSDK.
  • edgeSDK applications control where microservices run.

mimik clusters for developers


mimik’s platform delivers advanced peer-to-peer networking without the hassle of network driver or protocol programming. Clusters of devices with edgeSDK are formed automatically.

  • Global discovery of other devices that have mimik edgeSDK.
  • mimik’s platform provides secure communication between microservices locally or globally.
  • Connect with other edgeSDK enabled devices in a local cluster or across different clusters of nodes independent of network topology.

mimik Access

mimik Access is a fully functional, cross platform media sharing application based on the edgeSDK that mimik developed to illustrate the power of edgeSDK. mimik Access streams any type of media directly from one user to another. Media sharing is done entirely on the edge, from device to device, without accessing any hosting services.

mimik Access is available for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. mimik Access rises above the ecosystem lock-in to allow users to share media with their friends regardless of operating system or hardware platform.

The mimik Access application is ready for endusers to download and try.
Developers may use the mimik Access code as a reference to help guide their own edgeSDK application development.

mimik Microservices

Developers build their own microservices to deploy with edgsSDK. mimik provides a few microservices as examples to help developers speed up their application development.

  • mimik-drive: ad-hoc storage sharing among devices
  • mimik-beam: beam content to another display
  • mimik-stream: transcode and stream video from an edge device