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Keeping a safe community together

What is Pandimik?

Pandimik is world’s first anonymized infection tracing and positioning system and crisis communications and alert app – built on patented hybrid edge cloud computing platform from mimik.

 Pandimik tracks and records contact history on user devices without storing user information on any private or public cloud servers. Yet, Pandimik can anonymously alert individuals that they may have been exposed to the virus.

How does Pandimik Work

Pandimik app tracks the proximity of the individuals’ devices to one another. We never report the location of a device or a user to any third party. Everything remains on user devices.

Why use the Pandimik app?

The Pandimik app protects all citizens that use it against the spread of pandemic without encroaching on or violating their rights to privacy. At mimik, we believe that citizens, enterprises and governments should work together to safeguard our collective health without sacrificing our personal rights to privacy. Many governments and institutions across the world have been utilizing contact-tracing apps during the Covid-19 pandemic to protect their citizens. However, these apps use third part private and/or public cloud servers to store tracing logs which has raised concerns about privacy. As a result, many citizens have been rightfully reluctant to use these apps. Many communities have faced significant resistance to adoption by many citizens which has made contact tracing ineffective.

What are the Pandimik app potential features?

– Decentralized Contact Tracing 

– Policy Controlled Alert System 

– Advice & Education 

– Referrals 

– Resource Center

How does Pandimik measure the distance and duration of contact?

Pandimik App uses a combination of GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth to measure the distance. We are using the best-in-class resources to accomplish this while ensuring the safety and privacy of the users.

How does Pandimik Calculate the 2-m threshold?

This is done using Bluetooth technology.

The world's first anonymized

Infection tracing and positioning system.