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Keeping a safe community together

Pandimik is world’s first anonymized infection tracing and positioning system and crisis communications and alert app – built on patented hybrid edge cloud computing platform from mimik.

Pandimik tracks and records contact history on user devices without storing user information on any private or public cloud servers. Yet, Pandimik can anonymously alert individuals that they may have been exposed to the virus.

Pandimik app tracks the proximity of the individuals’ devices to one another. We never report the location of a device or a user to any third party.  Everything remains on user devices.

  1. The user downloads the Pandimik app from the app store
  2. The user creates an account
  3. Pandimik app detects & logs all the other instances of the app near the particular device and saves them on his/her device privately (based on a configurable centralized policy). 
  4. The user gets her/his COVID-19 test result, and it turns out to be positive
  5. The user clicks on a warning message button and gets a popup message asking him/her to input the test confirmation number
  6. The system checks to see if the confirmation number is valid and has not been used before
  7. A warning message is sent directly from that user’s to all the people that were within the user’s proximity directly from the device only with the consent of the central authority; i.e.; the owner of the device cannot broadcast anything without permission to prevent false or fake reporting.
  8. Other app users in the proximity of the infected user receive a warning message “a person who was in your proximity has been diagnosed with COVID-19”. Please see the questionnaire and contact test center immediately”.
  9. The infected user and all the people in her proximity are provided with the location of medical facilities and related services in their community.

The Pandimik app protects all citizens that use it against the spread of pandemic without encroaching on or violating their rights to privacy. At mimik, we believe that citizens, enterprises and governments should work together to safeguard our collective health without sacrificing our personal rights to privacy. Many governments and institutions across the world have been utilizing contact-tracing apps during the Covid-19 pandemic to protect their citizens. However, these apps use third part private and/or public cloud servers to store tracing logs which has raised concerns about privacy. As a result, many citizens have been rightfully reluctant to use these apps. Many communities have faced significant resistance to adoption by many citizens which has made contact tracing ineffective.

With the mimik platform, no information on specific individuals’ locations and movement history are stored on any third-party private servers or the public cloud hence preserving citizens’ rights to privacy. At the same time, the platform allows centralized policy setting and enforcement to manage and limit broadcasts to prevent false alarms and public panic. Below are some of the advantages of the mimik platform compared to other proposed solutions.

  • All user-specific private information on identity, location, and contacts are stored on users’ devices. There is no need to store detailed user information on any third-party servers on private or public cloud.
  • Users devices are used to broadcast information which is sent to other devices anonymously and with their consent.
  • Central policies can be set and enforced to ensure safe and accurate broadcasting of information between devices to prevent false alarms and panic.
  • Computing, storage, and memory resources of users devices are utilized hence the cost of cloud hosting and storage is minimized.
  • Policies can be changed in real-time and pushed to devices from a central point.

The mimik platform combines the benefits of a decentralized approach to protect user privacy while taking advantage of a central policy setting and enforcement to protect the community from false alarms and panic.

  • Decentralized Contact Tracing
  • Policy Controlled Alert System
  • Advice & Education
  • Referrals
  • Resource Center
Pandimik App uses a combination of GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth to measure the distance. We are using the best-in-class resources to accomplish this while ensuring the safety and privacy of the users.

This is done using Bluetooth technology.

The world’s first anonymized infection tracing and positioning system. 

Enabling us to live & work with peace of mind.

Pandimik is under development for android and iOS devices.

iOS: users can download from the AppStore

Android: Users can download from GooglePlay

The app is installed automatically from the app store.

Not for the download. However, BT should be enabled for contact-tracing to work effectively. The app will force BT to be active.
Yes. Pandimik app uses GPS to improve location tracking but does not share the GPS information with third parties and users. All information is stored locally on the device.
The app uses mobile data solely for the purpose of identification, authentication, and infrequent message broadcasts so it has very small network bandwidth usage.

As long as that other user also had the Pandimik app installed, you would receive a warning message such as

“This message is to inform you that you have been within 2 meters of an affected individual in the last 14 days. Please refer to a test center if you have any of the following symptoms”.

Both you and the infected person would be provided with the location of medical facilities and related services in your respective communities.

You can download the app on multiple devices. You will receive a notification on all devices running the Pandimik app with your username and password.
Using the Pandimik app
Monitor the health and safety of your employees during the Coronavirus outbreak
edge cloud computing platform
The mimik hybrid edge cloud platform enables cloud server capability to your devices, ensuring all your personal data are kept private. Devices can discover each other and communicate without sharing any user profile information. All the logged data are encrypted and stored locally on your device. Authorities or any third parties will not be able to access your data without your real-time consent.

Pandimik uses the facilities on your mobile device to track and log your location on your device. None of this information is sent to the cloud and only you have the ability to use this data.

Your device tracks all the devices that have come to the proximity of your device. However, you will have no profile information of the individuals who own these devices and only know that they have been within your proximity.
No. You do not need to share any data and information with the Health Authorities or any other third parties.
The Pandimik app collects analytics on all the devices that have come within proximity of each other with no user information.
You never share your data while using the Pandimik App. You can turn the app off if you do not want other devices to detect that your device has been in their proximity but given that this data bears none of your personal information, we encourage all the Pandimik users to keep their app on all the time to ensure we all remain informed as a community and minimize the impact of the pandemic.
The Pandimik app is built using the mimik patented hybrid edge cloud platform. mimik’s platform enables application designers to utilize the edge computing architecture, whereby each ‘edge’ or smart phone is able to act as its own server, instead of relying on a central Cloud server. This technology enables the device where the app is installed to discover all the other devices within a given proximity. The app then logs the history of the devices that were in its proximity locally. The app can also send those devices anonymous broadcast messages using an authorization code sent by the system. In other words, contact tracing is done by individuals’ devices while the broadcast of warnings are managed through centralized policies to avoid fake and false reporting and public panic.

The Pandimik app is built on mimik’s platform that is device, operating system and network agnostic. So Pandimik will work on any Apple or Android smart phone with no special technology need or upgrades. Data use is dependent on the final application design however the app utilizes very little data to send/receive alerts.

The only technology integration Pandimik needs is with the health authority’s testing system so as to enable automated and anonymised alerts of a potential exposure.

Additionally Apple and Google have restricted the launch of COVID-19 contact tracing apps on the App Store and Playstore, respectively, without the sponsorship of a public health authority.

Pandimik App uses a combination of GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth to measure the distance. We are using the best-in-class resources to accomplish this while ensuring the safety and privacy of the users.
This is done using Bluetooth technology.
The Bluetooth (BT) solutions from Google and Apple can be valuable as they provide a mechanism for measuring devices’ proximity using BT on user devices. However, neither company has offered or claimed to offer a mechanism for an end-to-end anonymous contact tracing platform. For their solution to become holistic and effective, they need to connect to a platform for managing the information on citizen devices (storage, policy enforcement, communications, etc.) This is what mimik does. We’re the only company that can provide such a platform without relying on third-party cloud services for managing people’s contact tracing data. Here is how it works and why it is complementary to the Google/Apple Bluetooth solution:
Pandimik technology
Partner with mimik
Keeping a safe community together

mimik has already built the core application framework and design of the Pandimik app. However we have left certain open ends and flexibility that we plan to work on with our partner to complete the specification and final build. One such key element is the validation of a positive test to ensure that the anonymous alerts that are sent out to exposed individuals are verified and in line with the health policy.

Additionally, we believe that an app such as this will not only have contact tracing but also other bits of functionality e.g. covid-19 updates, information and education. We are pre-built templates for this but this will need input from the health authority to finalize.

mimik also believes in partnering with other complimentary efforts to address the COVID-19 crisis and as the app is built on mimik’s open and flexible platform, the health authority can also consider additional integrations with Pandimik.

The exact time frame will depend on the final specifications plus potential partner integrations. However, the core solution is already in place and the technical work will be a matter of few weeks to launch the app.

We will also need to factor in timelines for training, testing and communications to citizens.

To be discussed and agreed based on the above.
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