Open Networking & Edge Summit

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Start Date: 12/04/2022
End Date: 13/04/2022



We are in the midst of a historical transition from mobile internet to a hyper-connected world. Billions of devices and apps must process data and communicate instantly and as directly as possible. We need to ensure much higher data privacy, lower capital and operational costs, better resiliency, and immunity to poor network conditions. We are further challenged to support a multitude of incompatible operating systems and malicious privacy and security attacks. Last but not least, we need to lower energy consumption and the carbon footprint. In this new world, hundreds of billions of smart devices, apps, and processes will transform almost all industries through automation and personalization. In a hyper-connected world, digital intersects with every aspect of the physical space. Therefore, digital solutions should mimic and complement the interactions in the physical space. We need to transition from a world dominated by vertical apps connected through central cloud to one where these apps and devices communicate seamlessly and directly. In this presentation, Sam will explain how hybrid edge cloud can help fulfill this vision to create a more sustainable and open hyper connected internet through microservices and Open APIs.

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