Montreal Digital Book 2021

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Start Date: 12/10/2021
End Date: 17/10/2021



Hybrid edge Cloud computing ready for prime time

This presentation will describe Hybrid Edge Cloud as a key element in our transition and its mature state and readiness for prime time. We will describe a few examples on how it’s being used today and how it enables enterprises to combine the benefits of public, private, and edge cloud while making cloud transformation faster and less costly.

Panel Discussion

Edge cloud computing is more and more considered as the evolution of the internet geared towards handling the wide variety of connected devices from different industries including industry 4.0. This panel will look at the different aspects of the new internet including the new mode of operations and management of microservice-centric solutions with components running at the edge.

Join Fay Arjomandi founder and CEO mimik, Cathie Wood founder and CEO of Ark invest and board member of mimik and moderated by Kami Dar on MTL connect event on “Embracing Disruptive Technology and Innovation for a Better Future”. Fay and Cathie will discuss the future of disruptive technology and investment in a hyperconnected world and creating a sustainable economy.

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