Posted on SDxCentral, November 8, 2018, by Dan Meyer

Vancouver-based mimik technology released its edge cloud platform and edge software development kit (edgeSDK) that minimize the need for cloud resources to power edge devices. It does this by turning ordinary devices, like a mobile phone, into a mini cloud server.

Phil Belanger, chief marketing officer at mimik, explained that the edge cloud platform provides the core authentication, authorization, and communication features that allow the distributed nodes running the edgeSDK on those edge devices to communicate with each other. That communication can be either back through the cloud platform or device-to-device, which is the part that reduces the need to access cloud resources.

The edgeSDK is deployed as a container into applications that can run on mobile-focused operating systems like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Belanger said this allows a microservice to basically be run on a mobile phone.

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