mimik’s patented Hybrid Edge Cloud platform will boost the performance and reduce the cost of 5G Networks

Vancouver, BC, September 16, 2020 – mimik Technology Inc. announces today that it has been selected as a member of the 5G Open Innovation Lab. The Lab is a global ecosystem of developers, start-ups, enterprises, academia, and government institutions, focused on helping start-ups utilize 5G to develop new capabilities, use cases, and market categories.

mimik will work closely with the Lab’s founding partners, including Intel, T-Mobile and other partners, to offer its patented Hybrid Edge Cloud platform across all industry verticals to develop applications utilizing the resources of edge devices in combination with existing cloud infrastructure. The collaboration will empower developers and enterprises to leverage the computing resources of edge devices such as smartphones, tablets, and IoT devices as a seamless extension of cloud resources. As a result, only essential data will be sent to the central cloud, and the rest will be processed and communicated by edge devices.

“With the emergence of the 5G networks and the exponential growth of smart devices, there is a growing need to process data on edge devices such as smartphones or IoT devices to reduce latency, improve data privacy and unlock new business opportunities with sustainable business models and operational costs.”, said Sam Armani, Vice President of Business Development at mimik. “We are excited to partner with 5G Open Innovation Lab and make our Hybrid Edge Cloud Platform available to its founding partners, enterprises and developers to build a socially and economically sustainable applications ecosystem for the new hyper-connected world.”

5G is the evolution of cellular communications that provides higher data rates and lower latencies in communications. This is achieved through leveraging higher frequencies, including mmWave frequencies, which in turn translates to a smaller range of communications. The result is a distributed architecture with a much denser infrastructure. The mimik Hybrid Edge Cloud platform enhances the end to end performance of 5G networks by allowing applications to be written as a distributed collection of small elements (microservices) that can be deployed on all computing devices in the network, including smartphones. In other words, mimik provides an environment that allows microservice to run on all computing devices and operating systems and allows 5G enabled devices to form clusters even with legacy devices such as WiFi-enabled devices and communicate locally to improve system capacity, reduce latency, and improve data privacy while reducing cloud hosting costs and overall energy consumption. In summary, mimik boosts the performance and reduces the overall cost of 5G networks.

mimik’s edgeEngine is available today for iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, macOS, Raspbian, QNX, OpenWRT, and FreeRTOS and has been used by a variety of applications deployed on edge devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, WiFi routers, NAS appliances, and IoT devices.

Unique to the Lab’s approach is its focus on unifying an independent ecosystem by bringing together technology, financial and community partners, and forward-thinking customers from industries such as media and entertainment, transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, and retail.

“We are very excited to have mimik join the 5G Open Innovation Lab. As the pioneers in hybrid edge cloud technology and a team made up of world-renown innovators, they can contribute significantly to the future success of 5G and enabling new applications for the hyper-connected world,” said Jim Brisimitzis, managing partner of the 5G OI Lab.

About mimik Technology

mimik has pioneered Hybrid Edge Cloud computing to enable any computing device to act as a cloud server to help application developers unlock the next generation of apps for the hyper-connected world. Developers can accelerate product development utilizing the mimik platform. The platform includes a run-time engine for developers to handle global functions in the central cloud while moving processing workload to all kinds of edge devices, from smartphones to AI-based sensors. The engine is agnostic to OS, device, networks, and cloud. It is non-proprietary and works with existing standard development tools. mimik also provides ready to deploy edge microservices for a wide range of industry verticals. With mimik edgeEngine you can launch applications faster while drastically reduce infrastructure cost, minimize latency, and improve security and data privacy. The platform is free to develop and has pay-as-you-grow pricing plans. For more information, visit https://mimik.com

About the 5G Open Innovation Lab

The 5G Open Innovation Lab (5G OI Lab) is a global ecosystem of developers, start-ups, enterprises, academia, and government institutions working together to fuel the development of new 5G capabilities and market categories that will transform the way we work, live, and play both now and in the future.  The Lab provides developers at all stages, unparalleled access to open platforms, enterprises, and markets needed to create, test, and deploy new use cases and innovations for 5G.  To learn more about the Lab and its portfolio of companies, please visit https://www.5goilab.com/ or follow us on Twitter at @5GOILab.

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