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Sam Armani (VP of Business Development of mimik)
Shows you one use case example of mimik technology for the automotive sector to ensure vehicle and driver safety by enabling V2V and V2X communication.

About mimik platform:

mimik (  provides a decentralized cloud software platform that can extend central cloud functionality to the edge. The mimik platform provides an environment for developing serverless microservices in JavaScript, enabling any computing device to acts as an edgeCloud server when plausible. mimik nodes form clusters dynamically and can communicate directly within and across clusters regardless of geographic location, operating system or network. The mimik platform provides remote management of microservices, global discovery of microservices, authentication, and direct communication between microservices.

Developers can develop and run their apps on mimik’s edgeCloud platform using mimik edgeEngine. The mimik edgeEngine is available for many operating systems including iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, MacOS, Raspbian, iOS and QNX. edgeEngine uses familiar RESTful APIs. There are no new languages or tools required, which leads to rapid development and integration with existing applications. Developers can focus on their application functionality. mimik handles every aspect of decentralized cloud formation, microservice creation, discovery and communication within the platform.

edgeEngine provides a light weight container environment to facilitate the development of JavaScript based microservices based on a serverless architecture. Applications based on the mimik edgeEngine can remotely manage (load, install, start and stop) microservices, discover and communicate with other microservices, and dynamically form ad-hoc clusters.

edgeEngine is developer ready today. It is a powerful tool that can reduce bandwidth usage, communication latency, and central cloud hosting costs for developers and improve data privacy. Developers can create hyper-local experiences otherwise not possible with conventional central cloud systems. Applications such as IoT, energy, drone and robot communications, connected cars, multi-party gaming, eSports and many others can benefit from the decentralized architecture available through the mimik platform.

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