mimik Contributes edgeEngine Integration as Open-Source Code to LF Edge’s Open Horizon Project, Added as Partner and Member of the Technical Steering Committee

Oakland, CA, March 30, 2022 – mimik Technology today announced that mimik has completed an edgeEngine integration with the Linux Foundation’s Open Horizon project and contributed the code to LF Edge. This first-of-its-kind intelligent workflow management and DevOps tool manages containerized workloads from the central cloud all the way to endpoints on heterogeneous edge devices. The integration creates an array of opportunities in use cases such as factory automation, retail management, fintech, healthcare, telecommunications and automotive, where commodity endpoint devices can now become part of a fully integrated and simply managed software delivery solution. In recognition of their significant contribution to Open Horizon, mimik has been invited to join the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) as a voting member and as a partner of the project alongside IBM, providing valuable input on the technical strategy for the platform as it delivers AI-driven distributed workflow management solutions.

“mimik is delighted to contribute to Open Horizon and we are honored to join the steering committee and serve as partner for this important initiative,” said Michel Burger, chief technology officer of mimik. “We are excited by the opportunities created by the integration of mimik’s platform with the IBM Edge Application Manager and are actively engaged in a number of deployments and proofs of concept that demonstrate the power of the combined solution.”

The addition of mimik’s edgeEngine software as a deployable target to Open Horizon enables IBM Edge Application Manager – a downstream, commercially-supported product based on Open Horizon – to extend its workload management capabilities beyond Linux gateways all the way down to smart devices such as smartphones and sensors. This extension allows solution providers to manage these commodity heterogenous computing devices in a wide range of applications, for instance, where they can be used as robot-assisted inspection cameras or point of sale terminals. The mimik edgeEngine software, running on these smart devices, provides the essential bridge to the Open Horizon solution.

“The Open Horizon project is glad to accept mimik’s contribution and is eager to collaborate with them as our first new project partner since being founded by IBM,” said Joe Pearson, chair of the Open Horizon project at LF Edge. “The integration of Open Horizon’s application deployment and lifecycle management solution with mimik Technology’s edgeEngine helps us to fulfill the fundamental promise of edge computing: to manage applications and machine learning securely and efficiently across large fleets of heterogeneous devices regardless of their connected state. I can’t wait to see how this cooperation will begin to transform communications, retail, automotive, and agriculture in the very near future.”

mimik’s significant contribution to the Open Horizon project has led to its appointment to the project’s Technical Steering Committee, a group that sets the development roadmap, manages governance rules, and sets code management policies for the project. mimik is the first contributing software company to join the committee and as a partner of the project, underscoring its commitment to the initiative and willingness to open-source its code to further industry development and adoption of edge software solutions. Open Horizon is an open-source software project within the LF Edge umbrella group and serves as a cornerstone project within the organization. As a platform for managing the service software lifecycle of containerized workloads and machine learning assets, it supports autonomous application management to edge computing nodes and devices at massive scale.

About mimik Technology

mimik has pioneered hybrid edge cloud computing to enable any computing device to act as a cloud server to help app developers unlock the next generation of apps for the hyper-connected world. The platform includes a run-time engine for developers to develop and host microservices on all kinds of end-user devices such as smartphones, smart IoT devices, and AI-based sensors. The engine is agnostic to OS, device, networks, and public/private cloud. It is non-proprietary and works with existing standard development tools and language. mimik also provides ready-to-deploy application domain SaaS (cloud and/or edge) for a wide range of industry verticals including fintech. The mimik platform enables an edge-in versus a cloud-out approach to build applications faster and drastically reduce infrastructure cost, minimize latency, improve security and data privacy, and enable direct app-to-app communication via the standard RESTful API first and serverless microservice-driven architecture. For more information visit: https://mimik.com and https://developer.mimik.com .

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