Now generally available, mimik’s platform and edgeCloud Engine re-invent cloud client/server model for improved performance and control

Posted on EP&T Magazine, November 8, 2018

Vancouver, Canada, November 8, 2018mimik technology inc., today announced its vision for a new decentralized cloud with the public launch of its edgeCloud platform and edge Software Developer Kit (edgeCloud Engine) after intensive private proof-of-concept testing with customers in key vertical markets. Developers, enterprises, government and academic institutions can now use the mimik platform to build a new generation of smarter, more responsive applications that turn ordinary devices such as mobile phones into cloud servers—tapping into the unused computing power at the edge of the cloud.

With mimik, developers, organizations and individuals will have more choices and more control about where and how to run their applications—utilizing remote servers in a public data center, local servers, new edge servers; or spreading the load across multiple cloud providers and edge devices.

“We believe a decentralized cloud architecture is essential for building a more sustainable Internet, and key to restoring choice and consent for users in the future,” stated Siavash Alamouti, President and CEO, mimik technology inc. “Our mission is to extend the cloud to edge devices and help build the decentralized cloud which will become the foundation for improved connectivity, performance and privacy of internet applications.”

The mimik edgeCloud Engine and platform is operating system independent. The edgeCloud Engine provides a lightweight container environment that allows developers to install and run the same microservices on any platform—PCs, tablets, set-top-boxes, home routers or mobile phones. Applications built with the edgeCloud Engine can remotely load, start and stop microservices. mimik’s platform allows developers to discover their microservices globally and communicate directly from microservice to microservice at the applications level – all without the need for network drivers or protocol programming. Installing a microservice on a mimik-enabled device enables that device to act as a server and participate in the new decentralized cloud.

“The launch of our edgeCloud Engine and platform is a big milestone for mimik. We have been working closely with several partners in key vertical markets to integrate mimik into their solutions,” said Fay Arjomandi, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, mimik technology inc. “We have been able to validate the functionality of our platform in different environments, and we are now ready for the general developer community to experience mimik difference and create their own decentralized cloud applications. Today we are also announcing several customers who are using mimik in strategic markets including gaming, health and wellness, and 5G communications.”

Customers include:

3BLACKDOT(3BD)—an Influencer-driven Collective, Studio, Production and Marketing company that delivers audience engagement, brand value, and entertainment properties through the power of some of the largest YouTube Influencers in the world. Garnering hundreds of millions of monthly views, 3BD’s team has integrated brands into over 2500 Influencers’ content and worked with many leading consumer brands including: Disney, Volkswagen, and Electronic Arts (EA). 3BD is using the mimik cloud platform technology and edgeCloud Engine to create new utility applications and gaming experiences across all devices.

H2 Wellness—a digital health engagement company that delivers solutions to consumers who are pursuing a health goal in captive health, fitness, and wellness environments.  Through market leading organizations, H2 has engaged and improved the lives of more than 5 million end-users in 15 countries to date.  The company has emerged as a leading provider of digital health solutions through the unique combination of advanced technology and proven behavioral science aimed at engaging end-users by creating a personalized, instructive experience.

Lime Microsystems—a specialist in field programmable RF transceivers, Software Defined Radio solutions, and mobile base stations for the next generation of wireless broadband systems. The company is revolutionizing the way radio access networks are built, bringing transparency to spectrum utilization backed by a large community of wireless engineers.

“We share the vision of a highly secure, decentralized wireless networks to overcome legacy infrastructure challenges in the industry. We are pleased to have the mimik technology powering our software defined radio access network solution, getting us closer to our mission of democratizing wireless innovation,” said Ebrahim Bushehri, CEO of Lime Microsystems.

Also part of today’s news, mimik is announcing the expansion of its Vancouver headquarters and a new addition to the management team to support the company’s rapid growth in North America. mimik has appointed Phil Belanger to its executive team as Chief Marketing Officer. He brings 30 years of experience in the networking and telecommunications industry to mimik. A pioneer in the wireless LAN world, Phil was an active contributor in the IEEE 802.11 standard development and a co-author of the Distributed Foundation Wireless MAC protocol which is the basis of the 802.11 MAC used today. He also co-founded the Wi-Fi Alliance and was the original Chairman of the group.

“Phil is a serial entrepreneur who has lead the marketing efforts for a variety of wireless and networking startups resulting in successful acquisitions by Ericsson, Cisco, AT&T Wireless and Intel,” said Alamouti. “We’re delighted to have Phil join the team to help spread the mimik vision to the world as we enter the new decentralized cloud era.”

About mimik technology inc.

mimik technology inc. is a software company headquartered in Vancouver BC. mimik provides a platform that turns any device into a cloud server, enabling developers to extend the cloud to the edge and create a new decentralized cloud. mimik connects our digital world in new ways and moves us closer to a world where digital freedom is a reality for everyone. For more information, please visit

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