VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 12, 2018

Today mimik and Max2 announced a strategic partnership. The partnership will enable retailers to deliver innovative services delivered through an automated and decentralized platform that leverages mobile, tablets, laptops, point of sales systems, cloud servers and more, regardless of their operating system inside the retail environment.

The joint solution provides advanced network functionality enabling users to effortlessly and securely connect all their devices within the retail environment and access all the relative information about merchandise in the store. It also allows direct and secure communication with shoppers inside the store.

“We are delighted to partner with Max2 to provide retailers with a novel, decentralized retail platform. Architecture decentralization in the retail environment has many benefits for consumers and retailers. The benefits to consumers are new retail experiences for discovery of goods and services while retailers enjoy a more cost efficient, secure, and fast way of connecting with their customers. mimik’s decentralized cloud platform is a key technology enabler along with the hardware and retail applications provided by our partner Max2,” said Siavash Alamouti, President & CEO of mimik technology.

“In partnership with mimik we have truly advanced edge computing capabilities where every VeeaHub IoT edge server node deployed by Max2 can represent an “always-on” administrative node for thin client devices (e.g., smartphones and tablets) running one or more microservices supported by mimik’s edgeEngine,” said Michael Salmasi, CEO of Max2. “This provides for cross-platform, distributed computing across several Operating Systems (OSs) with capabilities that are truly anywhere, anytime, any device, any connection and any application.”

NRF visitors will be able to discover and learn more about this innovative solution during the NRF show in Max2’s booth #734 located on Level 3 on January 14-16 in New York City.

About mimik

mimik has developed a decentralized edge cloud software platform to extend central cloud to all computing devices. mimik provides a downloadable SDK that turns any computing device into a cloud server. The SDK is available for many operating systems. Devices with mimik SDK form clusters and can communicate directly within and across the clusters regardless of OS or network. The cluster scopes are based on network ID, proximity, and account. On top of this communication and cluster management mimik provides a light container that allows development of JavaScript based microservices based on a server-less architecture. Devices with the SDK can remotely load, install, start and stop microservices. The platform can be used to decentralize the cloud and remove third party trust elements for the development of many applications. In effect, all computing devices (mobile phones, PCS, routers, game consoles, gateways, IoT devices, etc.) can be used to host microservices and build any application. With mimik edgeEngine a decentralized edge cloud platform can be created that is orders of magnitude larger than central cloud platforms such as AWS.

About Max2 Inc.

Max2 is a platform company with a suite of innovative products and services for Smart Retail industry. Its VeeaHub Platform allows businesses of all sizes to extend their data center or cloud computing operations to the network edge and, while improving their operational efficiencies, machine learning and AI capabilities, provide for IoT applications that can deliver a feature-rich omnichannel e-commerce environment. This platform is further complemented by solutions that augment the real world, providing seamless in and out-store experiences that lets businesses engage and retain customers, collect analytics to grow their businesses and provide for more cost-effective and frictionless delivery of services. Max2’s solutions include payment services, intelligent wireless edge servers with software applications, as well as Point of Sale (POS) systems, 3G/4G MVNO cellular services with CloudSIM, and mobile applications for both businesses and the consumer. Headquartered in New York City with several offices in the US, Europe and Asia, Max2 is run by an experienced management team including former board members and senior executives from leading technology, payments and telecom companies.

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