Published on Technavio (September, 2017)

“Just when the IT industry was grappling with the loopholes in the cloud technology,” came the famous statement from Peter Levin on the “end of cloud computing” as we know it. Once regarded as the holy grail of the computing world, the cloud apparently left many in a fix and looking out for better storage and business solutions. Thus, there is a need to step out of the cloud and move towards the edge—or so to say edge computing.

Edge computing, simply put, is decentralizing of our computer services, and rather moving closer to the actual source of data. IoT is the major driver of edge computing. No doubt this is a paradigm shift in the way in which data will be shared between devices and applications. Already mimik has come up with a fully developed edge cloud platform which solves many of the existing challenges in the centralized cloud computing system…

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