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mimik products

mimik enables almost all smart devices to act as servers to improve performance and efficiency and reduce latency, cost and carbon footprint.

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access app

discover, connect and communicate

mimik access is a mobile app that connects all your smart devices and your friend’s smart devices directly to make discovering, sharing, and playing personal media simple and fun.

pandimik app

track safety of your workplace and community

pandimik is the world’s first anonymized infection tracing and positioning system and crisis communications and alert app.

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automotive and smart cities

add server capability to any smart device such as smartphones, PCs, tablets, set-top-boxes, residential and IoT gateways, game consoles, connected TVs, car infotainment systems, and smart sensors.

private media sharing

mimik access is a private media sharing application available for iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux: 

  • gives users absolute control over peer-to-peer(s) sharing of media content (users decide to whom and for how long)
  • users control what content remains on their smart devices and what is transferred to other smart devices
  • content can be shared on local WiFi networks with or without internet connectivity
  • content can be shared directly between incompatible devices (for instance, from iOS to Android, or macOS to Windows)

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mimik hybrid edgeCloud native applications - use cases

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