mimik edgeSDK has multiple potential use cases where seamless discovery, connection and communication amongst devices are required for new experiences and applications.

Installation of edgeSDK in any device or application, allows developers to concentrate on creating new applications and solutions for several industry sectors including IoT, automotive, edge computing, wearables, media sharing, eHealth, etc…

Below is a selection of example use cases of mimik edgeSDK developed by our partners and customers.


mimik edgeSDK allows drones to discover one another and communicate directly, reducing central cloud dependency for communications and resource sharing.


mimik distributed edge technology can meet the demands of the eHealth industry in connecting medical and consumer devices

Smart Home

mimik edgeSDK allows hetereogeneous home gadgets, appliances, and computing devices to discover, connect and communicate with one another.

Self-driving cars

mimik edgeSDK allows seamless discovery, connection and communication of self-driving cars at the edge, improving real-time decision making and unpresented v2v and v2x communications.