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We are amid a historical transition into a hyperconnected world where devices and apps must process data and communicate locally. Automation via intelligent workflow is becoming a necessity for both enterprises and consumers.

Nowadays we hear a lot about AI, Smart Mobility, Robotics and Blockchain as 4 key tends that are intersecting and coming together and it leads us to believe that we are moving from mobile internet era to hyper connected world era. This transition has been more agile since covid because many businesses and industries have understood the importance of automation.

In this blog you gain more insight about the business solutions and implementation needs for automation, opportunities, the technical aspects of platforms and enablers, the market’s early evidence as well as the ecosystem partnership to enable to hyper connected digital economy.


What is IBM Cloud Pak and its importance in an ecosystem partnership?

It’s a containerized Software built on Red Hat Open-Shift so you can run it in any type of environment. It is focused on four different types of Use cases:

  • Modernizing the infrastructure
  • Automating business processes and Networks
  • Providing predictability
  • Providing greater Visibility and security

“Software which is containerize or built on open building Redhat Open-Shift can be run in any type of environment … whether you’re modernizing, securing, predicting or automating.”

What is the role of Edge Computing in Cloud Pak Ecosystem ?

Edge Native and Cloud Native development practices have a lot in common. However, in order to manage Edge Native development and take advantage of its capabilities in the inherent complex environments, we need a clear understanding of edge and Cloud differences and how mimik technology and IBM Cloud Pak can solve the

  • Edge tend to be much more diverse and more dynamic
  • The attack surfaces are different as Edge is more open and needs extra protection
  • Due to shear number devices, the challenges at the edge are amplified and magnified by scale
  • mimik + IBM solutions manage the secure and efficient deployment of right software on the edge at the right time

“The focus is not just on the capabilities that you want to associate with the applications but also how you then manage those capabilities in the inherent complex environments”

he attack surfaces are different you know the edge tends to be out there in the open it’s in the wild you got people walking around these edge locations and you know you have to protect against whatever it is they might do or the even the kinds of instabilities that you have to deal with at the edge and of course all of that is amplified and magnified by scale; you know if a cloud data center you know has thousands of servers it’s generally in a few locations at the edge we’re dealing with thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands of devices and servers at you know thousands or hundreds of different locations and so when we think about that we have to sort of begin to reimagine how do we manage all that and how do we ensure that we get the right software to the right place at the right time and do so securely and do so in the presence of all the diversity and change that exists out there and so that’s where we’ve been focusing on is not just the capabilities that you want to associate the applications but also how you then manage those capabilities in that kind of complex environment.

How can mimik & IBM facilitate the integration issues caused the complexity due to variety of devices, operating systems and different form of connectivity ?

In addition to providing a virtual infrastructure and containerization, By using APIs and Microservice-based architecture, we can alleviate the integration issues by defining the different components and proving a continuum of application development between back-end and front-end. This allows devices to form an application-level “ad-hoc service mesh” and to discover and communicate and make it similar from a back-end to front-end perspective.

“Hybrid edgeCloud Native development is not a discontinuity it’s about a continuum of application development between the back end and the front end “

What are the best agile and iterative approaches for starting the digital transformation ?

Unlike the Business side of enterprises, IT organizations don’t have a clear experience and understanding of the best practices for implementing best solutions in order to stay competitive

Organizations can start by the edge before even hitting the backend system. With this approach, you could initiate the conversion immediately by starting small , outside of a true IT environment.

Organizations can use the management solutions provided by mimik and IBM to transform to the digital era iteratively, develop a minimum viable product, collaborate, scale, and eventually provide efficient end-to-end solutions.

“mimik + IBM solutions highlight the importance of implementing agile development practices by organizations as your business continue to grow and evolve over time.”

What is the definition of ecosystem how much do we want to control the narrative for a developer?

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