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mimik hybrid edgeCloud platform will help you develop your apps faster, make updates easier, reduce cloud hosting costs, improve data privacy, and make your apps more responsive. You don’t need to learn any new languages or use any new tools. We’ve made it easy for you.

edgeEngine Support Multiple Operating Systems

edgeEngine helps you change the definition of “Cloud” to suit your business goals

edgeEngine allows you to host microservices on practically any computing device to work seamlessly with your backend on the private or public cloud. The Engine is available for many operating systems, has a very small storage footprint (<10 MBytes) and a small memory footprint (<100 MBytes). All devices with mimik edgeEngine can discover each other regardless of the operating system, network, or location and can communicate at a microservices level.

edgeEngine will help you create experiences that are not feasible with the central cloud; with minimal development effort and low hosting costs. The data remains on edge devices unless you want to send it to the central cloud or other edge devices. edgeEngine provides enterprises and developers with unprecedented control over their applications and the data they contain.

Develop microservices in JavaScript using serverless architecture.
  • Deploy microservices on edge devices and manage them remotely.
  • API Gateway is included within edgeEngine .
  • Develop your microservices in JavaScript.
  • Discover and connect to microservices on other devices with edgeEngine.
  • edgeEngine applications control where microservices run.
  • Many existing microservices available to developers.

Expose the computing capabilities of edge devices through mimik’s lightweight container.

  • Runtime environment for microservices.
  • Easy integration into existing apps through RESTful APIs.
  • Load, start, and stop microservice instances.
  • Container environment available for Android, iOS and Raspian as well as desktop operating systems.
  • Program in JavaScript
  • APIs compatible with Docker
Take advantage of clustering functions in IoT and related industries.
  • Global discovery of other devices with edgeEngine.
  • Peer-to-peer networking without the hassle of network drivers or protocol programming
  • mimik’s platform provides secure communication between microservices locally or globally.
  • Connect with other edgeEngine enabled devices in a local cluster or across different clusters of nodes independent of network topology.