H2 Wellness Partners with mimik for Health and Wellness Cloud Services

Integration of mimik edge Cloud platform to support Prolon® 5-Day Fasting Program application development


H2 Wellness has integrated components of the mimik platform into its latest client development project for ProLon®, the Fasting Mimicking 5-day program that nourishes the body while promoting regenerative and rejuvenating changes, including effects on a wide range of markers that contribute to aging, such as cholesterol, inflammation, and fasting glucose. Using mimik, H2 Wellness is developing a new application, due to release by January 2019, that helps guide, track, and support participants throughout their 5-day fast.

Los Angeles, California, November 8, 2018
H2 Wellness™, a leading digital health and engagement company, today announced that it is integrating the mimik™ decentralized cloud platform technology into the company’s most advanced solution called Boomio.  H2 selected the mimik platform as it delivers on the consumer demand to unify, control, and share health-related data privately and securely. Boomio is an advanced modularized, digital platform enabling fitness, healthcare, or wellness organizations of any size to truly engage their captive end-user throughout their health journey.

“We chose the mimik edge cloud platform to help us deliver a more compelling digital engagement solution that fully meets the unique needs of our customers. mimik’s edge cloud platform provides us with a faster, more secure solution with higher data privacy, and lower cost of ownership than purely central cloud-based solutions,” said Hooman Fakki, CEO of H2 Wellness.

“We’re pleased to work with H2 Wellness to extend the benefits of mimik’s decentralized cloud platform to the health and wellness industry,” said Siavash Alamouti, President and CEO of mimik. “The mimik platform provides a cloud infrastructure leveraging computing and communications resources of devices at the edge such as PCs, mobile phones, local servers and more to support fast and efficient application design for a new category of health and wellness applications. H2 is an ideal partner with a common mission to help empower enterprises to use the latest in edge cloud technology to enhance our digital lives, wellness and health.”

H2’s solution features a single, open platform and can be configured to the unique needs of each clients’ brand, business objectives, and functional requirements, with any combination of pre-built, digital health modules. H2 Wellness fosters more engaged consumers through highly advanced, flexible, interactive digital solutions. Now, using mimik, its clients will have more control over the data they share, and how quickly they receive and review content.

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mimik and 3BLACKDOT partner to create new gaming experiences

Decentralized cloud enables fast, hyper-local gaming across all computing devices

Vancouver, Canada, November 8, 2018—Today, mimik technology inc. announced that 3BLACKDOT (3BD), the leading gaming culture company, is now using the mimik edge cloud platform technology and edgeSDK to create new gaming experiences and utility applications across all devices. mimik’s decentralized cloud platform reduces latency, bandwidth usage and the cost of central cloud hosting while improving data privacy and enabling faster application development.

3BD also plans to distribute the mimik edgeSDK to game developers to give them the ability to communicate directly in realtime across devices cost-effectively and without the need for internet access. This initiative promises to create a new breed of games by enabling “edge” devices such as game consoles, PCs, laptops, and mobile phones with server capability.

“Improved means of user acquisition, stellar entertainment experiences, and affordable, globally scalable infrastructure are three of the top attributes developers are asking for in their video games. Using the mimik platform, we strive to deliver on all three of these by creating unique, unparalleled gaming experiences for our community,” said Angelo Pullen, co-founder and CEO, 3BD. “We’re using the mimik platform to enhance our players’ experiences. mimik’s platform enables direct, hyper-local communication between gaming devices, while also being able to accommodate peer-to-peer interactions around the world. This will reduce hosting, development and maintenance costs, improve latency, reduce bandwidth usage, and will open opportunities to create experiences not feasible using traditional centralized cloud approaches.”

The mimik edgeSDK enables serverless microservice development—a standard cloud-based software development model—on edge devices running iOS, Android, Raspbian, macOS, Windows or Linux. With mimik, microservices can communicate on the same device and/or across devices in a peer-to-peer fashion whether the gamers are playing on the same LAN or on networks across the globe. Similarly, gaming influencers can utilize their own devices and the devices of their fans to create new experiences within their own private cloud.

“We are thrilled to partner with 3BD to help bring gaming developers a faster, less costly, and more engaging user experience. Our decentralized edge cloud platform offers many benefits to the gaming community, and we’re excited to partner with 3BD to make it happen,” said Fay Arjomandi, co-founder and Chief Product Officer, mimik.


3BLACKDOT (3BD) is an Influencer-driven Collective, Studio, Production and Marketing company delivering audience engagement, brand value, and entertainment properties harnessing the power of Influencer communities around the world.

3BD is comprised of some of the largest YouTube Influencers in the world who garner hundreds of millions of monthly views. 3BD’s team has integrated brands into over 2500 Influencers’ content and worked with a myriad of leading consumer brands including: Disney, Volkswagen, and Electronic Arts (EA).

3BD believes that the future of digital media and communication lies in peer-to-peer recommendation. 3BD is at the forefront of a worldwide shift in consumer behavior, where Influencers will be the discoverability guides of the future. 3BD and its partners will ultimately help consumers cut through the clutter of overwhelming digital media choice and intend to lead this seismic global change. For more information, please visit us at 3blackdot.com

About mimik technology inc.

mimik technology inc. is a software company headquartered in Vancouver BC. mimik provides a platform that turns any computing device into a cloud server, enabling developers to extend the cloud to the edge and create a new decentralized cloud. mimik connects our digital world in new ways and moves us closer to a world where digital freedom is a reality for everyone. For more information, please visit www.mimik.com.

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Mimik Unleashes the Server Power of Edge Devices

Vancouver-based mimik technology released its edge cloud platform and edge software development kit (edgeSDK) that minimize the need for cloud resources to power edge devices. It does this by turning ordinary devices, like a mobile phone, into a mini cloud server.

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