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Awards & Testimonials

Testimonials about mimik

From Health and fitness companies to financial institutes, we help our customers and partners with their journey to the edge

“mimik provides a lot of value to the automotive space. Our clients are automotive OEMS who benefit from mimik edge cloud platform for a variety of use cases from infotainment to V2V and V2X use cases. They can also benefit from leveraging mimik’s expertise in hybrid edge cloud architecture design and development to significantly reduce their reliance on central cloud and create a digital experience that would not be feasible with the central cloud.”
Airlinq – Sunil Kaul
 “We have already referred mimik to several clients and partners. We referred them because mimik would solve several cloud challenges and enables new use cases and business opportunities for our clients. Using mimik’s edgeEngine for our app development, not only we have saved a lot on the hosting cost but also have decreased our time of development going across various platforms, and lowered latency and provided better user experience for the consumers.”
H2 Wellness – Hooman Fakki
“They are experts in serverless microservice development and pioneers in edge cloud technology. They can help various technology companies with their hybrid edge cloud architecture and their edgeEngine solution has a tremendous value for any application development framework.”
Lime Microsystems – Ebrahim Bushehri
“mimik has a differentiating value for any company that is developing applications today using cloud. Their technology has enabled our team to create and do faster application development cross-platform and has saved us a lot of money on a monthly basis while providing a better user experience to our users (lower latency and faster app performance).”
3BlackDot – Angelo Pullen
“mimik is the pioneering hybrid edge cloud company and is a valuable partner to us. We’re leveraging their technology to make our edge gateway solutions much more powerful by taking advantage of existing local resources on client devices, minimize hardware spend, and create much
more scalable solutions.
Veea – Allen Salmas