mimik’s edgeSDK and platform provide seamless discovery, connection and communication at the application level, allowing developers to create smarter applications and deliver  new user experiences.

Several emerging markets can benefit from extending the cloud to the edge with mimik including: Internet of Things, self driving cars, eGaming, media sharing, and eHealth.

Below are examples of solutions that are built with the mimik edgeSDK and platform.

advanced media sharing

mimik Access is a cross-platform media sharing application that illustrates the power of edgeSDK.

advanced media sharing

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connected cars

mimik edgeSDK allows seamless discovery, connection and communication of smart cars and on-board devices at the edge.

mimik smart car cloud solutions

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mimik edgeSDK allows drones to discover one another and communicate directly, reducing central cloud dependency for communications and resource sharing.

drone cloud solutions mimik

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enhanced retail

Use mimik edgeSDK to make omnichannel a reality by bringing physical and virtual retail experiences together.

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connected fitness centers

mimik edgeSDK seamlessly networks gym equipment with consumer devices to improve club member experience.

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mimik distributed edge technology can meet the demands of the eHealth industry in connecting medical and consumer devices.

mimik eHealth solutions

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smart manufacturing

mimik’s decentralized cloud platform can help modernize manufacturing in a pragmatic manner today.

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residential IoT

mimik edgeSDK allows hetereogeneous home gadgets, appliances, and computing devices to discover, connect and communicate with one another.

mimik smart home solutions

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smart stadium

create new experiences at stadiums and events with little or no infrastructure investment.

mimik smart stadiums

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