New advanced features for apps

mimik edgeSDK provides unprecedented discovery and communications between heterogeneous devices when installed on existing or new apps

Installing mimik edgeSDK on existing or new apps, provides developers new discovery and communication capabilities and advanced file sharing features between heterogeneous devices.

mimik edgeSDK opens a whole new world of app possibilities, helping developers to create new apps or enhance existing apps with edge cloud capabilities while concentrating on the core value propositions of their apps.

Here are some examples use cases of mimik edgeSDK for apps

local social networks

  • Create a temporary social network of users in a coffee shop, airplane, train station, shoping center, etc.
  • Users add content and access each other´s shared content.
  • Real-time content curation by users on any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Content remains on the device and users are “always in control of their content”
  • Local content marketing: local businesses can share and actively push content to a shared library for their customers to enjoy, e.g. movies, music, coupons, promotions, etc.

local mesh networks and events

  • Create a mesh network of devices inside a local environment.
  • Very easy set-up, no dependency of devices on OS
  • Create new services as jukebox, shared playlist, etc.
  • Great concept and many possible use cases for events (sports, music, etc…)

in-car mesh network

  • Infotainment car unit creates a mesh network of devices inside the car
  • Devices easily access the car´s infotainment unit
  • New services can be created easily such as cross-device jukebox and shared playlists
  • Devices can share resources such as storage or internet connection
  • No pairing required, auto discovery and many-to-many device communication.

social media apps

  • Unify all devices of the app user regardless of type, manufacturer, OS, etc.
  • Access all digital media across devices
  • Share content directly with others controlled by the user (the file does not leave the device unless the user wants)
  • No internet needed if on the same WiFi network.
  • Possibilities to create new microservices (profile sharing, payment, etc.)
  • Offload the cost of central cloud to edge devices