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Profile Services

Why use Profile Services?

Developing In today’s modern authentication age, it is essential to manage and secure customer data. developers should make sure they can secure and store user profiles that can be accessed among microservices. As a solution, mimik profile microservice seamlessly creates and manages end-user profiles and allows the interaction between different microservices and apps.

Benefits of mimik Profile Services


Users can use the same profile on multiple different apps, as long as they are using an application that supports mimik profile services.

Customizable profiles

mimik profile services stores specific information about each individual user and gives you the ability to customize the profiles. Also, link other microservices that contain profile information.

What does mimik profile services mean to you as a developer?

Keep track of user-profiles on your application
Offer targeted content

Provide profile management to users on a multitude of different applications and gain insights on each individual user

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