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Keeping a safe community together

What is the technology behind the Pandimik app?

The Pandimik app is built using the mimik patented hybrid edge cloud platform. mimik’s platform enables application designers to utilize the edge computing architecture, whereby each ‘edge’ or smart phone is able to act as its own server, instead of relying on a central Cloud server. This technology enables the device where the app is installed to discover all the other devices within a given proximity. The app then logs the history of the devices that were in its proximity locally. The app can also send those devices anonymous broadcast messages using an authorization code sent by the system. In other words, contact tracing is done by individuals’ devices while the broadcast of warnings are managed through centralized policies to avoid fake and false reporting and public panic.

What technology is needed for Pandimik to work?

The Pandimik app is built on mimik’s platform that is device, operating system and network agnostic. So Pandimik will work on any Apple or Android smart phone with no special technology need or upgrades. Data use is dependent on the final application design however the app utilizes very little data to send/receive alerts.

The only technology integration Pandimik needs is with the health authority’s testing system so as to enable automated and anonymised alerts of a potential exposure.

Additionally Apple and Google have restricted the launch of COVID-19 contact tracing apps on the App Store and Playstore, respectively, without the sponsorship of a public health authority.

How does Pandimik measure the distance and duration of contact?

Pandimik App uses a combination of GPS, WiFi, and Bluetooth to measure the distance. We are using the best-in-class resources to accomplish this while ensuring the safety and privacy of the users.

How does Pandimik Calculate the 2-m threshold?

This is done using Bluetooth technology.

Is Pandimik complementary to the Google and Apple contact tracing approach?

The Bluetooth (BT) solutions from Google and Apple can be valuable as they provide a mechanism for measuring devices’ proximity using BT on user devices. However, neither company has offered or claimed to offer a mechanism for an end-to-end anonymous contact tracing platform. For their solution to become holistic and effective, they need to connect to a platform for managing the information on citizen devices (storage, policy enforcement, communications, etc.) This is what mimik does. We’re the only company that can provide such a platform without relying on third-party cloud services for managing people’s contact tracing data. Here is how it works and why it is complementary to the Google/Apple Bluetooth solution: