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enter the digital era with mimik

the mining industry navigates a challenging business environment characterized by market volatility, increasing costs and international pressure to improve its ESG footprint, while generating profit for shareholders. these mounting pressures, while challenging, provide an opportunity in today’s rapidly evolving IT landscape, to embrace digital transformation and propel the industry into the future of mining.


the mining industry still grapples with specific and distinct challenges.

  • the lack of reliable internet connectivity underground, which can halt operations.
  • monitoring remote assets are often difficult given they often span across a vast area.
  • mining operations are also built upon legacy platforms and systems, which can cause issues in both the short and long term as well as impede the ability to leverage AI and ML.
  • finally, safety is one of the most paramount concerns and challenges as system and equipment failures and malfunctions can be catastrophically fatal to both operations and human life.

“Mining industry digital investments to date have demonstrated the potential, but have often been constrained by legacy system and data challenges,” says Paul Klein, Partner, Consulting.                                                           


mimik’s hybrid edgeCloud platform is an essential solution that addresses the challenges faced in ruggedized environments. the interconnectivity that mimik enables solves core issues that occur when data is distributed across different legacy platforms and systems, impacting information gathering or operations in real time and analytics for long term operational planning.

processing data the edge with mimik’s unique microservice driven architecture creates systems of devices. with mimik, enterprises are much better equipped to manage their data without relying on internet connections or the cloud, an important benefit that enables mining operations to maintain productivity, even underground.


optimal security

future-proofing the legacy apps and systems

less in cloud costs

significant decrease in infrastructure cost

significantly more resilient than traditional systems

cost containment

mimik’s hybrid edgeCloud enables sensors and devices to seamlessly interact, enabling automation which drives cost down and enhances operational efficiencies through the predictive and reactive distribution of mineral and bi-products. data remains at the point of creation and communicates within related systems without costly routing back to the cloud and use of extensive bandwidth.

no internet dependency

Applications and devices build on different legacy hardware and operating systems can communicate directly even if there is no internet connectivity. mimik enables the most resilient systems in the world and as long as one single node remains active, the system still works so there is never a single point of failure.


mimik’s built-in platform security, supports 6 levels of authentication and AES-128bit encryption keys, leveraging session-based tokens. this depth of interconnected security capabilities is essential in mining operations that are susceptible to multi-faceted perimeter intrusion across vast stretches of land.

enables AI/ML at the edge for advanced analytics

mimik supports any AI and ML technology implementation, making these technologies scalable to improve operational efficiency and productivity.

site operations and maintenance in a OS platform agnostic system

legacy and ruggedized infrastructure is common in mining and expensive to replace. mimik enables sensors and devices to seamlessly work and communicate with one another in a “system of things” that negates the need to acquire the capital to replace or upgrade existing machinery. sensors are used to keep tabs on equipment health and resolve potential issues before they cause bigger problems.

a safer operational environment supported by minimal latency decision making support

mimik’s platform operates autonomously without any roundtrip delays to the cloud and back, supporting near-zero latency, which is essential for certain critical operations. the elimination of latency gives drilling operators access to enhanced monitoring mechanisms of workers, machinery and the surrounding environment.  detecting anomalies in real time can prevent operations down time or even the endangerment of an onsite worker.

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