Vancouver-based software firm mimik technology’s platform and edgeSDK re-invent cloud client/server model for improved performance and control

Posted on EP&T Magazine, November 8, 2018

Vancouver-based mimik technology Inc. unveiled its vision for a new decentralized cloud with the public launch of its edge cloud platform and edge Software Developer Kit (edgeSDK) after intensive private proof-of-concept testing with customers in key vertical markets. Developers, enterprises, government and academic institutions can now use the mimik platform to build a new generation of smarter, more responsive applications that turn ordinary devices such as mobile phones into cloud servers — tapping into the unused computing power at the edge of the cloud.

With mimik, developers, organizations and individuals will have more choices and more control about where and how to run their applications – utilizing remote servers in a public data center, local servers, new edge servers; or spreading the load across multiple cloud providers and edge devices.

“We believe a decentralized cloud architecture is essential for building a more sustainable Internet, and key to restoring choice and consent for users in the future,” stated Siavash Alamouti, President and CEO, mimik technology, inc. “Our mission is to extend the cloud to edge devices and help build the decentralized cloud which will become the foundation for improved connectivity, performance and privacy of internet applications.”

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