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Sylvia Lim

Sylvia Lim

Product Manager
“The Problem-Solver”
Sylvia is a digital health enthusiast with ten years background in product and project management. She loves helping people solve problems. In an increasingly complex world, she is passionate about helping people bring the best value to their work, everyday, by emphasizing collaboration, transparency, and focus.
Prior to joining mimik, Sylvia spent a decade leading teams at the University of British Columbia, holding roles as both project and product manager within the Faculty of Medicine. She has worked on projects that include the expansion of British Columbia’s MD medical education program through innovative video-conferencing technologies and, products including the development of a new health education platform. Sylvia bridges the gap between strategy and execution.
During her free time, you can find Sylvia playing the next new indie/management simulation video game, exploring Vancouver for hole-in-the-wall restaurants, or, teaching her two cats to sit.