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sam armani mimik team

Sam Armani

SVP, Business Development

Chief Evangelist

Sam is the Senior Vice President of Business Development at mimik. She is an experienced executive in the software technology sector. She brings a diverse skill set and expertise to mimik, including sales, business strategy, product management, and engineering. She has been with the company from an early stage and has made significant contributions to the development of the company and its products.

Prior to joining mimik in 2010, she held key leading positions at startups Mobidia and L3 Technology and before that she was with Sage Software. At Mobidia, Sam was part of a leading sales team, worked closely with the sales and engineering teams internally and held a key customer facing position focused on delivering network optimization solutions to large mobile operators. At Sage she held various positions including leading a product specialists’ team and delivering the right business software solutions to the business partners channel. In February 2022 she joined the Governing Board of the Linux Foundation, LF Edge.

Sam holds B.A.Sc degree in Electro Mechanical Engineering from University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada.