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Phil Belanger mimik

Phil Belanger

Chief Marketing Officer
Phil Belanger is Chief Marketing Officer at mimik. Phil has more than 30 years of experience in the networking and telecommunications industry. He is a pioneer in the wireless LAN world. Phil was an active contributor in the IEEE 802.11 standard development and a co-author of the DFWMAC (Distributed Foundation Wireless MAC) protocol which is the basis of the 802.11 MAC that we still use today. He co-founded the Wi-Fi Alliance and was the Chairman of the Wi-Fi Alliance for the first two years, spreading the Wi-Fi story, building the Wi-Fi brand, and recruiting several influential companies into the group.
For the last decade, Phil has been an independent consultant working on a variety of projects including municipal broadband, smart grid, standards development, and high-density wireless product design.
Prior to his consulting work, Phil held executive roles at several influential networking and wireless companies. He served as VP of Marketing for Belair Networks (now Ericsson); VP of Marketing for Vivato; VP of Marketing and Wireless Business Development for Wayport (now AT&T Wireless); VP of Marketing, VP of Business Development, VP of Systems Engineering at Aironet (now Cisco); and VP of Wireless Development at Xircom (now Intel).