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Intelligent Health Care

mimik is the path to digital health
mimik health

mimik goes beyond a digital health solution

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The post-Covid world has altered the healthcare sector significantly. Many more digital devices send data to the cloud for applications to respond, even though data in motion is four times more vulnerable than data at rest. In addition, increased connection points between systems, providers and patients, as well as the emergence of edge, AI and ML, help through the tsunami of new data, old data and interconnected data. With minimal effort, the growth of diagnostic and monitoring devices has increased the need for a single unified platform that can connect with them.


The mimik edge SDK cache data on the edge, results in less bandwidth consumption over a wireless network, and to the data centers. In addition, cloud hosting costs can be reduced since it relies heavily on the increasing amount of health-related data that must be processed. By controlling the data pipeline with our solution, you fully control to whom and what data is shared with other parties. This reduced the risk of exposure to critical medical data on the digital footprint.

Digital health, delivered right.


Operational Efficiency

Processing data locally generates a faster time to action and lowers cloud costs by causing near real-time data analysis at the device level, where data is generated to drive real-time actions



Allowing interoperability with existing Health infrastructure and cache events on smart devices such as consoles and smartphones to improve the experience and reduce latency


Optimal Privacy

mimik enables optimal privacy. solutions and apps operate with minimal profile and data exchange. All logged data can be encrypted and stored locally on smart devices. No third party can access the data without real-time consent.



mimik platform provides a zero-trust platform with six layers of built-in security protection.


Operational and
Development Cost

mimik platform enhances resource efficiency for clinicians, resulting in greater productivity and lower healthcare costs per patient. We can save on infrastructure and cloud hosting costs by leveraging the compute at the edge. The amount of health-related data that needs to be processed is increasing, and cloud hosting costs can be very high. On-premises or on devices, our cost-effective solutions may significantly reduce cloud hosting costs and development time by processing user-generated data on the edge.

edgified Multi-cloud

Businesses increasingly move to multi-cloud infrastructure and deployment to take advantage of the multitude of technology options available and optimized cloud costs. A multi-cloud approach allows for a more composable approach that is more likely to meet the shifting demands of the future.


Many functions of devices and appliances can work without internet connectivity.


More Automation
with AI/ML

Near real-time data analysis at the device level where data is generated to drive real-time action.


enabling a context-aware 
service mesh

mimik platform enables you to identify immediate patient needs as issues arise.

Deliver faster to market using available packages

administrative dashboard module provides complete and customizable admin functionality including permission level controls (create, edit, and remove), view of all activity and full reporting capabilities (specific users, locations, staff, and aggregate reporting).

ID management module provides the latest technology for digital security meeting the standards of OAuth 2.0 by generating access tokens for user authentication and single sign-on (SSO) functionality.

profile management module provides functions to collect and store basic information about the end-user (first-name, last-name, sex, age, etc.) along with more expansive information (thumbnail picture, location, friend list, biometrics, etc.).

provides secure messaging with 2-way, inbox and outbox functionality between users and recipients (e.g. coaches).

the health assessment module allows the creation of the client-specific questionnaires (e.g. health intake forms, wellness assessments, health risk assessments) without the need for any coding. the assessment module can be triggered by time or activities by end-users with historical archiving capabilities.

the action plan module provides segments a distinct set of action items for each end-user to follow in order to optimize or manage their health goals. the actions can be segmented over time and with end-user selection of commitment. the module is designed to respond to different inputs from the assessment module.

the health feed module manages client-specific content that can be general or specific to the end-users based on their interests/needs through a continuous content feed (like the Facebook feed). the content can be text, html, video, or even two-way tracking or surveys.

provides the ability to create single-user or multi-user challenges with specific rules and specific scoring mechanism. the microservice handles participant scoring based on event received from the tracker microservice fitness challenges consists of 3 categories:
• individual
• group
• corporate

within each category, there are several types of challenges:

• most in certain time
• first to distance
• activity (biometric) goal based
• team based
• percent change based
• streak-based

the coaching module allows any health coach or advocate (e.g. doctor, nurse, trainer or coach) to view the actions and progress of the end-user in real-time. the end-user must authorize a coach through an authorization token that is generated, which allows the coach to gain access to user-data, provide advice, and support the user throughout their journey.

the notification and alerts module manages notifications (i.e. what the user has done) and alerts (i.e. what the user should do). the notifications and alerts module will be triggered by actions or lack of actions or based on time. clients can use standard notifications/alerts or create new notifications/alerts.

the connected device module offers user registration and device data integration to over 200 different consumer health wearables, devices, scales and applications. this module is a multi-tenant microservice allowing our clients to get exposed to real-time consumer health data in one place.

the tracker module provides a series of health trackers associated with specific activities or biometric data. the data is either user-generated (manual entry) or device-generated (thru the connected device module).


  • activity
  • sleep
  • weight/BMI
  • blood Pressure
  • blood Glucose
  • body Measurements
  • water
  • energy
  • stress
  • steps