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Managed Sevices

What are Managed Services?


There is a growing need to process data on the edge, reduce latency, improve data privacy, and unlock new business opportunities with sustainable business models and operational costs.

mimik’s managed services powered by the revolutionary hybrid edgeCloud technology, help you bring compute-intensive, latency-sensitive applications closer to the end user while reducing your operational costs and increasing security and efficiency. mimik team will help you bring common processes such as identification, user registration, scheduling, and tracking to the edge while you are focusing on differentiating and diversifying your solutions.

Event Tracker

Manage and track user-generated and device-generated events.


  • Gain access to user data via generated authorization token.
  • Give the user access to the data and suggest specific actions.
  • Customizable user profile for each individual tracker.
  • Use the generated data in your application’s UI.

Potential applications:

Weight & BMI Calculator, Sleep Tracker, Activity Tracker with Calorie Burn, Blood Pressure Tracker, Body Measurements Tracker, Water Tracker, Energy Tracker, Mood Tracker, Stress Tracker, Steps tracker

Challenge Manager

Schedule and track  single or multi-user challenges with specific rules and scoring mechanisms.


  • Gain access to user data via generated authorization token.
  • The data generated can be used in the UI.
  • Handle user data (participant scoring) based on an event received from the tracker microservice.
  • Customizable user profile for each individual tracker.
  • Customizable categories such as individual, group and corportate.

Potential applications:

Most in Time, 1st to X,  Goal in Activity,      Behavioral Improvements, Percent Change in Streaks and Sprints

Assessment Engine

Create, retrieve, and manage surveysJs objects such as health and fitness assessments.
  • Retrieve and render the user assessments
  • Post responses to the assessment in the front-end.
  • The front-end will then post the user response back to the assessment engine
  • The surveyjs object is defined by the surveys microservice.
  • The assessment engine combines all assessment responses for a particular user profile.

Potential applications:

Fitness and helath assessments, education based assessmnets

Dynamic Assessment Engine

Create, retrieve, send, and manage the loaded surveysJs objects created by SurveyJS microservice.



  • Send personalized content dynamically.
  • Analyze user profiles in real-time.
  • Render the assessment  by the front-end. 
  • Enable users to answer the questions that are part of the dynamic assessment.
  • The front-end will post the user response in the dynamic assessment engine.
  • Maintain user profiles associated with different dynamic assessmnets.
  • The JSON logic rules are loaded in the dynamic assessment microservice by an admin operation.

Potential application:

Dynamic Fitness and health assessmnets, Realtime education assessments.

Notification Bundle

Enable contnious in-app, email and SMS push notifications without the overhead of traditional push notification mechanisms.


  • Handle and Send  continous notifications in-app,  email, SMS or push notification using AWS notification service
  • Manage continuous content feeds generated by another microservice.
  • The content can be text, html or even question that the user needs to answer. 
  • front end will then allow the user to look at the feed content and act upon it if necessary

Potential application:

Realtime intra and inter device fitness and health notifications 

2-way Noticatin Bundle

Enable continous and secure 2-way in-app, email and SMS push notifications without the overhead of traditional push notification mechanism.


  • Maintain inbox and outbox messages for a user, handle messages between the outbox of one user and the inbox of the recipient
  • Front end will then allow the user to look at the feed content and act upon it if necessary.

Potentila applications: 

Two-way communication in fitness, health & learning management appilcations



Data Report Generator

Generate a report based on a specific user-data received and analyzed against an existing database.


  • Record, analyze data, track progress and generate custome reports.

Potential Applications: 

  •  Enter health and fitness hesults
  • Track  user’s health and fitness
  • Get historical data about the user’s health based on specific parameters
  • Track  user’s health and fitness
  • Get historical data about the user’s health based on specific parameters

Report and Display Generator

Analyze/annotate a user profile and display the resulting generated report.


  • Record & analyze data, track progress, and display custome reports.
  • Generate report objects for a specific user. 
  • The front-end display the report. 
  • The microservice analyzes the user profile using Json logic rules. 
  • Based on the analysis, annotate the user profile with customer-specific content. 
  • The annotated profile can then be retrieved by the front end and rendered for the user.
  • The customer-specific content is embedded in the JSON logic rules.
  • JSON logic rules are loaded in the reports microservice by an admin operation.

Potenntial Applications:

Generate and display customizable health, fitness and learning reports 

Coaching Bundle

Assign and manage relationships. handle and track notifications and communications between users.



  • Handle the relationship between a an admin user by creating lists of users associated with the admin 
  • When the user authorizes the admin user, an authorization token is generated allowing the admin user on behalf of the user
  • Schedule and assign tasks to users 
  • Track and track notofications and communications between users. 

Potential applications: 

  • Health and Fitness coaching
  • Group work management system  

Call-back Event Scheduler

Track, assign and schedule delayed notifications for a specific user.



  • Receive a notification with a callback date and a callback URL address.
  • From the callback date, the microservice will invoke the URL address.
  • Ability to notify when a task ends.
 Potential Applications: 

Task assignment for fitness, health coaching applications 


Event to API Switch

Automatically transform continuous events posted to a AWS event topic (notifications) into an API call.



  • transforms an event posted to an AWS topic into an API call for a specific microservice. 
  • When an AWS topic receives an event, the topic will do a POST /notification to all the components that a registered to the topic.
  • When a component does not have this POST endpoint, SNSListener is used to do the proper transformation.
Potential Applications: 
Transform a varity of notifications such health, fitness events to API calls. 

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