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connect smart home silos

today, smart homes have many siloed smart solutions and IoT devices. to make these homes truly intelligent, these siloed IoT islands must be connected.


today’s modern home is powered by smart devices that produce a great amount of data, yet there is little or no integration and compatibility between these devices. smart homes operate as a collection of disconnected islands of smart devices versus a coordinated “system of things.” when internet or cloud services go down, homes are crippled. when they are up and running most, if not all, of the data from the home must be sent to central cloud, increasing hosting costs, bandwidth usage and latency, and compromising privacy and security.

“smart home platforms deliver islands of solutions. mimik makes them efficient & connects them seamlessly.”


mimik’s edgeEngine and optional edgeSDK for free RTOS microcontrollers enable smart devices to act as cloud servers when needed and provide two-way communications between incompatible smart devices with unprecedented data security and privacy.


mimik enables smart devices with more local functions and less dependence on internet connectivity and central cloud. we connect siloed smart home systems to build much more intelligent homes.

enhanced security


flexibility & performance


mimik can provide context to each floor, room, and device in a simpler and more cost-efficient way.


mimik supports almost all hardware, OS, network, and cloud platforms.

connecting the silos

mimik seamlessly connects existing systems regardless of OS and/or networks.

internet independence

many functions of devices and appliances can work without internet connectivity

no single point of failure

even one single active node across an interconnected service mesh inside the home can provide service continuity

collaborative machine learning

mimik enables seamless exchange of knowledge between siloed AI-enabled islands.

optimal data privacy

mimik enables optimal privacy. solutions and apps operate with minimal profile and data exchange. all logged data can be encrypted and stored locally on smart devices. no third-party can access the data without real time consent.

optimal security

mimik provides a zero-trust platform with six layers of built-in security.

optimal cost and latency

systems can operate autonomously with minimal dependence on cloud resources and lower roundtrip latency. smart devices seamlessly interact with other smart devices within and outside of the home.

connect smart home silos with mimik technology

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connect smart homes silos