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make games smarter and faster

mimik can connect game platforms and services such as music streaming, sporting events, live concerts, financial transactions, health and wellness, and other solutions to create new enhanced experiences.


the gaming experience is held back by the lack of many functionalities such as AI, advanced analytics and proper integration of social media and ecommerce. mimik helps resolve many issues related to network bandwidth, latency, proximity, scalability, and seamless integration of other services within the game.

“edge computing boosts the opportunity to serve multiplayer gaming, which is both latency sensitive and bandwidth intensive. by matching a gamer by its location then placing game servers closer to them, multiplayer latency can reach single-digit milliseconds, which dramatically decreases any lagginess.”

– Molly Wojcik, mobile gaming at the edge


the mimik platform can transform gaming experiences. we enable a revolutionary approach for players to discover, connect and communicate across different incompatible platforms with low latency and bandwidth and bring many other services into the games.


mimik can revolutionize gaming experiences

less cloud costs




less carbon foot print

network bandwidth

internet independence

many functions of smart devices can work without internet connectivity.

device caching for lower cost & latency

cache events on smart devices such as consoles and smartphones to improve experience and reduce latency

collaborative machine learning

enable seamless exchange of knowledge between siloed AI-enabled islands.

enhanced chat within the game

microservices running on smart devices allow gamers to chat with better experience and less latency.

dynamic matchmaking

enable highly customizable and rule-based matchmaking.

faster matchmaking

enable faster player synchronization, faster matchmaking and a better multiplayer experience. any player can act as a host and can be directed to the appropriate game server.

optimal security

provide a zero-trust platform with six layers of built-in security.

launch your gaming apps four times faster with mimik technology

edge computing

edge cloud

hybrid cloud computing

cloud edge

edge computing companies

app modernization
gaming applications