H2 Wellness

H2wellness and mimik cloud

H2’s ProLon application is integrated with EdgeSDK. It is completed and ready to launch for end users. <<link to press release or press coverage if available>>

H2’s next phase is to develop a single connected fitness solution with the mimik platform.

One significant new feature that will be enabled in this project is a consumer data wallet for fitness, wellness, health.


3 blackdot and mimik

3BD has selected mimik to lead the entire software architecture design and delivery with a hybrid cloud architecture including edge cloud.
mimik developed an analytics module (SDK) to address their immediate need for launching their PC game. We packaged this SDK as an Unreal plugin which will be published on the Unreal game engine store. This opens the door for mimik to work with any game developers who use the Unreal game engine.

Next step is to integrate the SDK with the games.

When games are published on game platforms, they’re commonly only available to the user base on that particular platform. one benefit of integrating egeSDK is that the games become cross platform. With mimik all 800M 3BD followers will be able to play seamlessly across platforms.

Lime Microsystems

lime and mimik

Vodafone has ordered 100 units with Lime for phase 1.

Lime is also expecting a large order from Facebook in the next quarter.

mimik was presented as part of Lime’s network/cloud in a box solution at the Facebook booth during Mobille World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.