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make modernization feasible

many modern buildings have been outfitted with impressive features such as smart lighting and automated sensors to control the climate. the challenge is to enable continued modernization more cost effectively and efficiently with minimal privacy and environmental impact


new modern buildings are powered by smart devices that produce a great amount of data. yet, there is little or no integration and compatibility between these devices. these smart buildings operate as a collection of disconnected islands of smart devices versus a coordinated “system of things”. when internet or cloud services go down, buildings are crippled and when they are up and running most if not all the data from the building must be sent to central cloud increasing hosting costs, bandwidth usage and latency and compromising privacy and security.


mimik enables device and microservice discovery and two-way communications between incompatible devices and offers built-in data security and privacy.


less cloud costs

flexibility & performance

less bandwidth and carbon foot print

less infrastructure costs

more future-proof 

optimal cost and latency

systems can operate autonomously with minimal dependence on central cloud resources and lower roundtrip latency by enabling sensors and smart devices to host microservices locally and seamlessly interact with other smart devices within and outside of the building.

internet independence

many functions of devices and appliances can work without internet connectivity.

more automation with AI/ML

mimik enables siloed AI systems to exchange data and improve system-level learning across systems deployed in buildings cost effectively and securely with minimal dependence on central cloud services. elevators can connect with smart phones, HVAC systems, security systems, maintenance systems, entertainment systems, etc. to provide new experiences and better automation with minimal costs.

automation promotes conservation

mimik’s AI-enabled workflow solutions accelerate automation with smart devices and sensors that communicate within and across systems that can collaborate to promote energy conservation and support green initiatives.

connecting the silos

mimik connects existing incompatible systems regardless of operating systems and/or networks.

system-level optimization

mimik seamlessly connects silos of incompatible systems and provides a platform to build new experiences on top of these siloed services for optimal system-level performance.

optimal security

mimik’s built-in platform security, supports six levels of authentication and encryption keys.

improving device integration & compatibility for commercial buildings

enterprise hybrid cloud

hybrid cloud architecture

hybrid cloud computing

cloud edge

multi-access edge compute

app modernization
apps migration