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2019 started with edge computing and edge cloud as hot topics in both software and communications industries. Driven by the explosion of IoT across many industries, the continuing 5G roll out; many industry analysts are predicting that this will be the year of edge cloud.

As Gartner stated in 2018, only 20% of industries have started their cloud journey; out of which only a small subset have developed their software with latest scalable microservice architecture. Therefore, majority of the 20% will need to re-architect their software but more importantly 80% of the industry across all sectors will soon start their cloud transformation. Both these groups must consider the full hybrid approach of private, public, and edge cloud. mimik’s edge cloud solution can help enterprise IT with their cloud migration.


lyft and the cloud

Lyft has to pay Amazon’s cloud at least $8 million a month until the end of 2021

The high cost of cloud is no longer an untold secret. In February 2019, Lyft announced that they will be spending about 300 million US dollars for cloud services with Amazon in the next two years. Last year Snap announced that they had committed to spend one Billion US dollars with AWS and $2 Billion with Google for cloud services. In early 2018, Plex announced that they are shutting down their cloud offering due to high cost and complexity. Cloud hosting costs have now become a serious issue for developers and enterprises and will undoubtedly become even more important with potential vendor consolidation.


snapchat and the cloud

Snap’s cloud bill this year will be higher than its total revenue for 2016

Apart from cloud hosting costs, there have been serious issues with data privacy for large centrally hosted applications and services. The central cloud architecture requires all the data to be sent to third parties creating the potential for serious abuse. A few years ago, most industry influencers, investors, and analysts were of the opinion that “most people don’t care about privacy”. It has now come to light that both consumers and enterprises, and even countries have been seriously harmed by the abuse and manipulation of personal data.


A Note from Fay or Note from Siavash

alamoudi internet freedom manifesto

More and more, we’ve been asked by our partners to help them with their entire IT transformation or lead their end-to-end software architecture design. Given the requests we are receiving, and the industry’s dire need for digital transformation, we think that there is an opportunity to create a consulting business in collaboration with our advisors and partners. We will now make this an explicit mimik offering going forward. A consulting practice from mimik gives us a way to engage with enterprise IT at the CIO level and train them on edge cloud.

This year mimik will be expanding our developer program. As we are engaging with customers we see an interesting ecosystem of partners forming around mimik that creates a new ecosystem for edge cloud. We are bringing our partners together and enabling cross sell opportunities through the mimik developer community.

We have also started the mimik Tech Talk series to educate software developers and enterprises on edge cloud and welcome them into our edge cloud ecosystem. The first mimik Tech Talk was on March 14th in Vancouver where we had over 80 attendees and wonderful interaction wit the Vancouver tech community.

We have also started engagements with a few universities, namely Concordia university, San Jose State University, and University of British Columbia and we are exploring opportunities with UCLA and Stanford. These will be supported through hate mimik developer community as well.


Customer and channel partner update

H2 Wellness

H2wellness and mimik cloud

H2’s ProLon application is integrated with EdgeSDK. It is completed and ready to launch for end users. <<link to press release or press coverage if available>>

H2’s next phase is to develop a single connected fitness solution with the mimik platform.

One significant new feature that will be enabled in this project is a consumer data wallet for fitness, wellness, health.


3 blackdot and mimik

3BD has selected mimik to lead the entire software architecture design and delivery with a hybrid cloud architecture including edge cloud.
mimik developed an analytics module (SDK) to address their immediate need for launching their PC game. We packaged this SDK as an Unreal plugin which will be published on the Unreal game engine store. This opens the door for mimik to work with any game developers who use the Unreal game engine.

Next step is to integrate the SDK with the games.

When games are published on game platforms, they’re commonly only available to the user base on that particular platform. one benefit of integrating egeSDK is that the games become cross platform. With mimik all 800M 3BD followers will be able to play seamlessly across platforms.

Lime Microsystems

lime and mimik

Vodafone has ordered 100 units with Lime for phase 1.

Lime is also expecting a large order from Facebook in the next quarter.

mimik was presented as part of Lime’s network/cloud in a box solution at the Facebook booth during Mobille World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.

Other Customer engagements

mimik customer engagement

Information and Communications Company

  • The goal is to get mimik edgeEngine integrated in 400K Point of Sale units provided by our hardware partner and include the edgeEngine in their mobile apps. The 400K PoS systems serve 60 Million people today.

MVNO Connectivity Company

  • They have packaged their offering as part of a few airlines to offer cheaper data roaming for both consumers and enterprise
  • They also manufacture and sell portable MiFi and other hardware which are quite commoditized and therefore mimik edgeEngine would create a meaningful differentiation for them
  • The opportunity is to package mimik edgeEngine with their hardware and mobile applications

Food Technology Company

  • AI based food technology startup working on designing the world’s most advanced autonomous food inspection system
  • The CEO is kickstarting a project with mimik to bring their AI software to the edge and enable communications and information sharing amongst devices at distribution plants

Start-up Company

  • A start-up company is planning to develop an App that matches voters with candidates across the US, based on their common core values
  • They have selected mimik to lead the entire product strategy and development
  • The project has started, and the first minimum viable product release is on May 2020 in preparation for the next US election

Engineering and Technology Solutions Company

  • End-to-end engineering services and technology solutions for companies that employ digital services.
  • They would like to be a channel for mimik to bring edge cloud to telcos, smart city initiatives, and smart hospitals
  • We are educating their team on how to include mimik’s solution in their RFI and RFQs for a number of engagements across multiple verticals