Edge computing world 2020

mimik at Edge Computing World 2020

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Join mimik at Edge Computing World, 2020. As one of the sponsors of the event, mimik is aiming to help users and developers join the next evolution in cloud computing.The mimik Hybrid edgeCloud technology is a new revolutionary platform that combines the benefits of edge computing with central cloud architecture.

Today, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, more people communicate virtually, perform financial transactions, play games, and receive health and fitness services online. The future of our society depends highly on our ability to automate and personalize services to bring necessary efficiencies to our economy for a sustainable future. It is also essential for consumers and enterprises to gain control of their data which they lost in the mobile internet era. Data is the new oil in the global economy and a possible source of prosperity for the general population. It will create a multi-trillion dollar industry that can help provide more equitable wealth distribution if planned correctly. To address our needs for the new hyper-connected world, it is necessary to utilize disruptive technologies to protect users’ privacy and security and make sure they can control and monetize their data. mimik’s hybrid edgeCloud platform is a revolution in cloud computing that can help address all these issues and create a more sustainable internet economy.

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Why edge & where is it ?

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Auto Edge Panel Discussion

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Microservice based solutions in a Hybrid Edge Cloud Environment

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Bridging from the Edge to the Cloud



“Leadership in Edge Industry & Technology”

Fay Arjomandi

Founder & CEO mimik Technology Inc.

Join us at at Edge Computing World 2020

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October 14, 2020 4:15 PM to 5:00 PM PST

Executive Conference

Edge Insider: Bridging from the Edge to the Cloud


President & CEO. mimik

CEO Topio Networks

Board Member VP Ecosystem, ZEDEDA ZEDEDA

VP cloud Architecture Strategy, Amazon Web Services

CTO. mimik

October 13th, 2020 11:30 am PST

Edge Developers Conference
Microservice-Based Solutions in a Hybrid Edge Cloud Environment

CTO. mimik

Microservice-based solutions are now widely adopted in many industries, from gaming to IIoT. Different systems are provided to deploy and use serverless microservices at the edge in order to offload backend systems residing in the cloud. However, adopting microservice architecture in a hybrid edge cloud environment also means creating an ad-hoc peer to peer service mesh at the edge. This presentation will explore the impact of full usage of hybrid edge cloud in microservice-based solutions either at the architecture level or management level, by going through solutions where serverless microservices deployed on the extreme edge such as smart phone or smart industrial devices can discover each other and communicate directly and with a backend cloud infrastructure.​

October 14th, 2020 07:30 am PST

Application Management Keynote

Edge Executibe Conference - Application Management Summit

President & CEO. mimik

We’re transitioning from the mobile internet era to the hyper connected world era where digital intersects with every aspects of our lives.  In the mobile Internet era, a mobile device connects to the Internet to consume content.  In the hyper connect world, every object produces data and needs to communicate with other objects to drive a decision or an action.  The real practical notion is well beyond Internet of things but internet of systems where microservices communicate with each other using API(s) ranging from smart phones to smart industrial connected device depending on the use case.  We can’t possibly think that in the world where every action may have a reaction that my lead to a transactions, all application communications will still goes through a central cloud entity.  To scale to support real-time services, we must mimik the cloud to the extreme edge (on end user devices and smart sensors) and utilize it within a standard API-first microservice driven architecture framework. The time has come to start thinking edge-in vs. cloud out.​

President & CEO. mimik



Panel Discussion

Auto Edge Panel Discussion

Edge Executive Conference - Auto Edge Summit
October 14, 2020 07:30 am PST

How to accelerate Automative industry’s journey to edge cloud
Fay Arjomandi – Founder & CEO, mimik
Prashat Tiwari – GM & Executive Director, Toyota
Joachim Taiber – CTO, International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC)
Armando Pereira – Chairman, Autonomous Vehicle Computing Consortium

Montreal digital book 2020

mimik Events

MTL Connect 2020

mimik at MTL Connect




Join us and meet these entrepreneurs, creatives, developers, specialists in digital and technological tools, involved in digital research and in the development of new ideas on the uses and impacts of the digital in various sectors!

October 16th, 2020 1:25 PM - 1:55 PM EST

Future of Internet
From mobile Internet to Hyper Connected World

In this talk, Fay looks at the evolution of internet from the mobile internet era to the hyper-connected world and its economic, social and technical implications. She argues that mobile internet has failed on its expectations for global prosperity due to the choice of business models and architectural frameworks. She finally suggests approaches to make sure the next evolution of internet will be socially responsible and sustainable.

Fay Arjomandi

President & CEO. mimik


Sustainable Technology 

October 14th, 2020 1:20 PM - 2:05 PM EST

We have moved from a world of Papyrus to Quantum Computing, and more recently from the floppy and the USB drive to the Cloud. We have allowed a new world of Data to emerge, made of IoT, Machine Learning, AI, and Blockchain; a world that generates, processes, and stores Big data.
There is no free IT lunch. Virtual is real. What additional energy consumption does it imply? How does it impact our global footprint? How can we mitigate these impacts?
And most importantly, on the positive side, how can deep tech innovation contribute to make the world safer and greener?

Fay Arjomandi

President & CEO.

Mamadou Toure

Chairman & CEO Finance

Anne Baer

CEO Executive
Ikare innovation

Lior Handelsman

Grove Ventures

Technology Trends Favor mimik

mimik cloud technology

2019 started with edge computing and edge cloud as hot topics in both software and communications industries. Driven by the explosion of IoT across many industries, the continuing 5G roll out; many industry analysts are predicting that this will be the year of edge cloud.

As Gartner stated in 2018, only 20% of industries have started their cloud journey; out of which only a small subset have developed their software with latest scalable microservice architecture. Therefore, majority of the 20% will need to re-architect their software but more importantly 80% of the industry across all sectors will soon start their cloud transformation. Both these groups must consider the full hybrid approach of private, public, and edge cloud. mimik’s edge cloud solution can help enterprise IT with their cloud migration.


lyft and the cloud

Lyft has to pay Amazon’s cloud at least $8 million a month until the end of 2021

The high cost of cloud is no longer an untold secret. In February 2019, Lyft announced that they will be spending about 300 million US dollars for cloud services with Amazon in the next two years. Last year Snap announced that they had committed to spend one Billion US dollars with AWS and $2 Billion with Google for cloud services. In early 2018, Plex announced that they are shutting down their cloud offering due to high cost and complexity. Cloud hosting costs have now become a serious issue for developers and enterprises and will undoubtedly become even more important with potential vendor consolidation.


snapchat and the cloud

Snap’s cloud bill this year will be higher than its total revenue for 2016

Apart from cloud hosting costs, there have been serious issues with data privacy for large centrally hosted applications and services. The central cloud architecture requires all the data to be sent to third parties creating the potential for serious abuse. A few years ago, most industry influencers, investors, and analysts were of the opinion that “most people don’t care about privacy”. It has now come to light that both consumers and enterprises, and even countries have been seriously harmed by the abuse and manipulation of personal data.