mimik’s mission is to provide us Digital Freedom and help democratize the internet by decentralizing the cloud and arming developers with a platform to unleash the power of edge devices and remove any unnecessary trust elements and middlemen

The massive growth of connected devices including sensors and machines is revolutionizing every aspect of human life. Socioeconomic impacts are significant and have already transformed various industries such as broadcasting, travel, transportation, and retail.

We are witnessing an explosion of devices and exponential growth in digital content and machine generated data. It is clear that the existing central cloud infrastructure cannot meet the demands of the future. There is simply not enough network bandwidth. Moreover, latency requirements of some applications dictate a completely new approach to augment today’s central cloud infrastructure.

mimik has developed a pragmatic distributed cloud solution to turn any computing device into an edge cloud server to help address these challenges.

Our approach does not require the creation of new network nodes with dedicated hardware. Instead, we empower existing computing devices such as PCs, tablets, set-top-boxes (STBs), or even home routers to become cloud server nodes at the edge of the network.

mimik’s platform does not require any change to the low-level design of these devices. All that is required is an application that will run on top of the existing operating systems without any changes to the hardware or the OS Kernel of existing devices.

mimik technology is a distributed edge computing platform connecting our digital world and providing us digital freedom.