More and more, we’ve been asked by our partners to help them with their entire IT transformation or lead their end-to-end software architecture design. Given the requests we are receiving, and the industry’s dire need for digital transformation, we think that there is an opportunity to create a consulting business in collaboration with our advisors and partners. We will now make this an explicit mimik offering going forward. A consulting practice from mimik gives us a way to engage with enterprise IT at the CIO level and train them on edgeCloud.

This year mimik will be expanding our developer program. As we are engaging with customers we see an interesting ecosystem of partners forming around mimik that creates a new ecosystem for edgeCloud. We are bringing our partners together and enabling cross sell opportunities through the mimik developer community.

We have also started the mimik Tech Talk series to educate software developers and enterprises on edgeCloud and welcome them into our edgeCloud ecosystem. The first mimik Tech Talk was on March 14th in Vancouver where we had over 80 attendees and wonderful interaction wit the Vancouver tech community.

We have also started engagements with a few universities, namely Concordia university, San Jose State University, and University of British Columbia and we are exploring opportunities with UCLA and Stanford. These will be supported through hate mimik developer community as well.